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Can the new version of wechat read visitors? How to view the visitor records of wechat circle of fri

wechat, a frequently used communication software, is convenient for chatting and transferring. According to recent news, the new version of wechat has launched many new functions. Can the new version of wechat see visitors? This must be a common concern. There will be no privacy in the future. So how to check the visitor records of wechat circle of friends?

first, let's publish a voice friend circle.

"Add friends" in the top right corner of wechat conversation list

Select the official account and search: big dream shop

Then click "attention" to the official account.

Send here: "voice"

Then you will receive a reply: "click my voice circle of friends" and click this link

After entering the page of publishing voice friends circle, just like normal voice chat, just press and hold to talk

After recording the content, click "..." - "share to friends" in the upper right corner

Next, just like the usual publishing circle, click "publish" in the upper right corner;

After the successful release of voice friend circle, the friends who care about you will definitely Click to listen to what you have said;

All friends who click to eavesdrop on your circle of friends will leave a visitor record, where you can see their avatars and the number of eavesdroppers

You can also click the "popular voice friends circle" at the bottom to eavesdrop on the voice released by others in the square. The voice in the square is sorted according to the amount of eavesdropping.