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How does Olay vial establish tolerance? What is the intolerance of Olay vial?

The whitening effect of Olay white bottle is obvious to all, but it is only limited to people with skin tolerance. Some people who are more sensitive to niacinamide are prone to acne, so how can Olay white bottle establish tolerance?

How to establish tolerance in Olay vial:

It's a long-term process for skin to build tolerance to Niacinamide, not two days a day. For our skin health, we hope you can strictly follow the order. After all, when the skin has developed tolerance for Niacinamide, you will really find that the new world is in love with it.

First days to third days: it is suggested that you drop 1 drops of Olay white bottle essence in the back of your ears to see if there are any other symptoms, such as redness and itching.

Day 4 - day 6: if there is no response after the first three days of use, then we can drip two drops at the back of our ears from day 4.

Seventh days to twelfth days: for a few days, drop 1 drops of Olay white bottle essence into our chin to observe the reaction.

Thirteenth days to sixteenth days: four days in a row, dropping 1 drops of essence on our face. If there is no allergic reaction on the face, then we can continue to use it.

Intolerance of Olay vial:

Many people just bought Olay small white bottle, like rubbing other essence, like a lot of wipe, but contain nicotinamide whitening essence skin easily intolerance, Olay small bottle intolerance phenomenon is generally will appear some small red dot, at the same time with this skin redness, hot and other symptoms, some people may appear peeling and other symptoms. Some people use it for a long time. If they are long and closed, maybe your skin is not suitable for this essence at all. It is not intolerance.

How many Olay vials are used at a time:

When the skin is established, it is recommended that you first use the semi tube essence, then once a day or two days once, half a month later, depending on the condition of your skin, gradually increase the dosage, but do not exceed one tube.

When using Olay bottles, Xiaobian suggests that you should use them at night, because you can have a good sleep after using them. If you want to use it during the day, you must do a good job of sunscreen. Whether it's sunny or rainy, you need sunscreen on Sundays, and whitening without sunscreen is a white tie.