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How to write the teaching plan? A model of moral education teaching plan for the head teacher

As a teacher in charge of a class, we should not only do a good job in students' study, but also do a good job in students' ideological work. It is the key work of this semester to educate students how to study and how to behave.

1、 Guiding ideology:

With the new curriculum education requirements as the concept, quality education as the guidance, teaching and educating people. Not only to teach students how to learn, but also to teach students how to be human, that is, to learn how to learn and learn to be human. This is the central work of the head teacher.

2、 Specific work:

1. Do a good job in the routine management of students, so that students can develop good study habits and behavior habits, be diligent in mouth and legs, often check discipline and hygiene, promptly explain problems to students, often go deep into the class during recess, strive to arrive at the class after recess when there is no special situation, restrict students' words and deeds, maintain the order of the classroom and corridor during recess, and gradually make students Develop good behavior habits.

2. Do a good job in the ideological work of class students to ensure the stability of students. Often talk and chat with students to understand students' learning, family status, ideological trends, as well as the opinions and requirements of the teacher in charge of the class and the school, and at the same time, convey the ideas and requirements of the teachers to students. Therefore, this semester try to have a conversation with 2 ----3 students every week. At the same time, we should always keep in touch with the parents of students, often call the parents, report the students' performance in school to the parents in time, and strive for the power of parents to jointly educate and manage students. Especially when students don't come to school on time, they should call their parents in time and ask them clearly in case of unnecessary troubles.

3. Pay attention to safety and legal education, improve the safety awareness of students, and ensure the personal safety of students at home. People often say that safety is more important than Mount Tai. Therefore, as a head teacher, we should pay special attention to the safety education of students. Use blackboard newspaper, class meeting and other forms to publicize the safe use of electricity, fire, traffic rules, discipline and law to students. If any unsafe hidden danger is found, leave immediately and report to teachers or schools. Teach students to go to school without all kinds of controlled knives. If they are brought to school, they will be confiscated immediately.

4. Care about the study and life of single parent students, let this special group feel the warmth of teachers and schools. Single parent students account for one third of the class, and it's their job to care about them. Establish a single parent file, chat and talk with two or three students every week, to understand their ideological trends, family conditions, physical conditions, parents' relevant conditions, so that these students can feel the warmth and care of the teacher at all times, so that they are no longer lonely and indifferent.

5. Strengthen the management of the class to ensure the stability of the class order and the integrity of all kinds of public spare parts of the class. Teach the students not to make noise in the classroom or corridor after class, and pass on the right side. Educate students to love the class and school, establish the idea of taking the class and school as the home, and love the grass and trees of the school. Implement the real name system for the desks and chairs of the class, and the responsibility system for the doors, windows, lights, etc. A system in which responsibility is in place and those who have problems are responsible.

6. Guide students to actively participate in the activities organized by the school and various departments, and strive to achieve good results in various activities. In March, I took part in the activity of learning from Lei Feng, which was mainly carried out inside the class, to educate students to do a good thing for the class. In April, I took part in the activity of tomb sweeping for revolutionary martyrs on Qingming Festival, and carried out the revolutionary traditional education for students. In May. Use the opportunity of May day to participate in tree planting and flower planting on campus.

7. Care for the poor students and help them to have their own advantages. We should be patient and careful in dealing with students with learning difficulties, and help them build up confidence to overcome difficulties, overcome inferiority and enhance their confidence. Treat gifted students, create opportunities for them to show themselves, create learning opportunities and learning space, and often educate them to be modest, enterprising, and set up ambitious goals.

8. In the process of teaching students to manage the class, the teacher in charge of the class should insist on theoretical study and improve the level of managing the class. Adhere to participate in the study of the head teacher organized by the school's normal education office, adhere to participate in the study of the head teacher organized by the city's further education school, and adhere to the use of spare time to learn various books, so that their management level continues to rise.

9. We should strengthen the construction of our teachers' morality and make ourselves a people's teacher with good conduct. We should learn the standard of teachers' Ethics in primary and secondary schools, love students, never beat or scold them, punish them physically, never charge them randomly, and never apportion all kinds of learning materials to them. Respect the post, love the industry, selfless dedication, take the positive as the model, to infect the students, to infect the parents. To be a teacher who reassures the school's leading teachers, a teacher who makes students like to be convinced, and a teacher who makes students' parents admire.

There are many ways for a head teacher to work. Although he has a plan, there must be something unexpected. But I believe that everything will be better as long as he is patient, careful, careful and attentive in his actual work.