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What's for Christmas? Let's see what kind of food every country eats at Christmas

On Christmas Eve, people in the West will clean their homes and prepare the food for Christmas. Before Christmas, everyone is busy. On Christmas day, in addition to the festive elements of the streets, the cold winter is full of warmth, and the rich Christmas food is also coveted.

Roast turkey, Christmas pudding, eggnog, Christmas pudding... These are all familiar Christmas specialties. The world is so big, there are always differences. Let's see what countries eat for Christmas!


First of all, let's take a look at Britain. The Christmas feast in Britain is very rich, including pig, Turkey, Christmas pudding, dry fruit pie, etc. It is said that the custom of eating Christmas Turkey has a history of more than 300 years. Ordinary British families will cook turkey at home. They will put a large number of fruits and vegetables, such as carrot, celery, onion, chestnut, etc., into the belly of more than ten pounds of Turkey, and then put a variety of spices on the surface, and then put them into the oven to bake. The traditional Christmas pudding is also very sweet. It's enough to eat a small corner!

When cooking, the whole family will participate, symbolizing reunion and harmony, and making wishes when mixing the dough. It is said that the dough needs to be stirred in a clockwise direction, and the wrong direction is unlucky. Finally hide a coin, who will get a year's good luck~


Buchedenoel is a famous French Christmas food. Before the invention of electricity, the French used a good firewood as a Christmas present. French people are romantic in nature, even the origin of food is romantic. Once upon a time, there was a young man who couldn't afford Christmas presents. He picked up a piece of wood in the forest and gave it to his lover. He not only got the beauty back, but also went to the top of his life. Therefore, the trunk cake has become a symbol of good luck in the coming year!


The Germans also attach great importance to Christmas, and people will rush home to eat on Christmas night, just like Chinese people eat new year's Eve dinner. The most famous Christmas food in Germany is the gingerbread lebkuchen, which is a small snack between cake and biscuit. The traditional Gingerbread is made of honey and capsaicin. It is sweet and spicy, and tastes exciting. Today's Gingerbread has been improved, with a layer of icing on the outside. People will make blessing words on gingerbread, which is not only rich in taste, but also very pleasing in appearance.


At Christmas, there is heavy snow, while Australia in the southern hemisphere is the hot midsummer. Australia's fiery 'midsummer Christmas' not only has a tropical style of celebration, but also integrates the classic elements of European traditional Christmas. Although outdoor people are facing the hot sun, but the shop window is elaborately decorated with snow in winter. The Christmas tree covered with snow and Santa Claus in red cotton padded jacket make people feel like they are in the northern country in the middle of winter. This constitutes the unique festival landscape of Australia - the double sky of fire and ice! The sharp contrast between the hot summer and the cold winter, I'm afraid, is unique in western countries.

As a result of being in the tropics, Australia's tropical fruits, seafood, cheese and wine also make Christmas dinner 'different'. The Christmas barbecue party on BondA beach, Sydney, Australia is absolutely enjoyable. Enthusiastic Australians will barbecue all kinds of fresh seafood for you on the spot, and deduce all kinds of fashionable and diversified ways, including applying olive oil, chili sauce, curry, etc., to greatly satisfy your appetite.

Well, after watching the Christmas dinner in these countries, do you want to prepare a big table for the kids to have a party?