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How does the inspector write the work summary? Sample work summary of inspectors in 2018

2018 is coming to an end, and one year's work is coming to an end. As an inspector of the company, after completing the annual inspection, is it necessary to write a work summary and experience? Some friends may think this is a big problem. They don't know how to write it. Don't worry. The editor has prepared a sample article for you to refer to.

Experience of inspectors in 2018

Time flies, time flies. In an instant, XXXX years have passed in tension and busyness. Looking back on xxxx years, as an inspector of the company's quality inspection department, I have made a lot of progress, but there are also some shortcomings.

In the past six months, with the care and guidance of the leaders and the support and help of my colleagues, I have not only completed my work diligently and steadily, but also successfully completed all the temporary tasks assigned by the leaders, and I have improved myself in all aspects. In order to do a better job in the future, summarize experience and learn lessons, I summarized the work in the first half of the year as follows:

1、 Professional ethics

Since I entered the company, I have abided by the rules and regulations of the company, taken the factory as my home, insisted on doing only what is good for the company, and also deeply realized the profound connotation of the concept of "people and enterprise co-development", and understood that personal development cannot be separated from the development of the company. Only when everyone is loyal to their own company and all employees work together, can the company continue to develop and develop in the company at the same time In the process, it also drives the development of individuals and improves their working ability and living standards.

2、 Professional knowledge, working ability and specific work

1. Expertise

In this half year, I have fully understood the properties and testing methods of the company's products, and learned the testing of fertilizers, which has enriched my professional knowledge and improved my testing level.

2. Ability to work

In the past six months, my management ability has improved. Thanks to the leadership's trust and support, I have been in the position of team leader, and I have a deeper and broader understanding of the testing work, broadened my knowledge and improved my ability.

3. Specific work

(1) daily inspection

In the first half of XXXX, I have been doing testing work. From January to April, I was responsible for the inspection of incoming materials, production process and warehouse deployment process samples. At that time, it was a busy season. Every day, 5-6 batches of chili powder were transported to our company, and 5-6 batches of chili granules were produced in the processing workshop. In addition, sporadic incoming materials and the detection of samples in various processes were busy every day, and overtime work was often carried out. Those days are tense and exciting. Although the work is very busy, it has been completed smoothly. Basically, the company's production has not been delayed due to inspection. From May to July, the inspection personnel were regrouped, and I was assigned to the incoming materials group, which was only responsible for the inspection of incoming materials. Since the incoming chili powder gradually increased, my work was not so busy. During this period, I did some other work, such as workload statistics, ten day report, monthly report, overtime summary and registration, quality report, evaluation of team members, laboratory work arrangement for the next production quarter, statistics of one layer of glassware, finding relevant personnel to deal with the remaining problems after the U8 upgrade, etc.

(2) test experiment

In the past half a year, I have done two tests: the first, the effect of 4 × solvent extraction on Capsicum granules, the second 4 × solvent after 2 times of mixing and separation with water 1:4, can basically remove the water-soluble part of the 4 × solvent, and achieve the same extraction effect as the original 4 × solvent. Second, the experiment of color price loss, mainly do the change of color price of capsaicin, capsicum in 43 degrees, 37 degrees, refrigerator, etc., the loss of capsicum powder in the process of placing in the workshop, draw the conclusion that the color price of capsicum, capsicum in 43 degrees, 37 degrees, refrigerator overnight, there is no change in the color price, but the color price of capsicum powder in the process of placing in the workshop is serious.

(3) training for Xinjiang employees and employees of workshop 2

From May to June, several employees of Xinjiang Chenguang company and two employees of the second workshop came to the laboratory for training. During this period, I was responsible for the training and assessment of part of their color price, spicy degree, content, dissolving residue, etc. In a short period of time, they basically mastered the routine laboratory testing, and achieved the purpose of training.

In summary of the work of half a year, although there have been some progress and achievements, there are still some deficiencies in some aspects, such as: insufficient understanding of the company's new products, lack of experience in management as a team leader, and incomplete individual work, which needs to be improved in the future work. In my future work, I will work harder, learn more, improve my quality in all aspects, keep up with the development of Chenguang company, and contribute to the development of the company!

Work experience of inspectors in 2018

The inspection work is a fine inspection process. I know that "details determine success or failure". Therefore, in daily work, I work with a rigorous and serious attitude, conscientiously complete every task, and work with a positive attitude. After one year's work and study, I feel that I have gained a lot, and my professional knowledge and skills have been further accumulated and improved, Use more and more freely, but after the change of self-examination and verification method, I feel the work pressure is very big every day. I am worried about where I do not do well or not well enough, which will affect the assessment score. The assessment score is low, which will directly affect my salary, and also make me feel that where I don't do well or not well enough. The main reason for the pressure is that I am myself The work quality has been reduced instead of improving the work efficiency. In order to facilitate the future work, the work in 2018 is summarized as follows:

1、 Key work mainly includes raw material inspection and raw material inspection records, raw material return records and consultation with raw material manufacturers, raw material defective product records, etc. As a quality inspector, I finished all the work on time according to the needs of production.

1. In the past year, in order to further meet the demand of raw material quantity and quality, several raw materials have been increased and replaced by new manufacturers. By reorganizing the inspection standards of raw materials and strengthening the inspection of raw materials, the quality problems of raw materials have greatly improved.

2. Raw material inspection record, carefully record and collect the information and data of each inspection record, comprehensively and accurately understand and grasp the development of all aspects of work, analyze the main problems existing in the work, summarize the work experience, accurately understand and grasp the actual situation of recent work, and make quick and correct decisions for the quality of raw materials.

3. Record the return of raw materials and negotiate with the raw material manufacturer, carefully record and collect the information and data of the return records of raw materials, comprehensively and accurately understand and master the process of return of raw materials, and analyze the main problems existing in the work. When negotiating with raw material manufacturers, we can do everything to make correct decisions to solve the problem of return of raw materials.

4. Record the defective raw materials, carefully record and collect the information and data of the defective raw materials, comprehensively and accurately understand and master the process of monthly data change of the defective raw materials and the description of the cause of the defective raw materials, so as to make a quick and correct decision for the work.

2、 The disadvantages are as follows:

(1) Negligence of work leads to the increase of reporting error rate;

(2) There was a missed inspection accident (the product grade was inconsistent inside and outside) and 5 complaints. Although the above problems were not convinced, the main reason was that the inspection was not in place;

(3) In the workshop, the speed of inspection is slow and the work arrangement is tense;

(4) Lack of professional knowledge.

3、 In the second half of the year, I will improve the above problems one by one. The specific methods are as follows:

(1) Adjust the mentality, avoid the accumulation of work pressure, and avoid bringing personal emotions into work. Avoid carelessness when writing the report. Check the report in time after writing to avoid report errors;

(2) Strengthen workshop inspection. In the near future, the mobility of workshop personnel is relatively large, and the quality awareness of new captain and new employees is weak. In view of the current situation of weak quality awareness of employees, I will increase the number and strength of workshop patrol inspection when working time is sufficient, and carry out the training of finished product standard and post responsibility system in the process of patrol inspection, and focus on the inspection of problem teams and newly established teams together with the chief shift leader To avoid the unqualified products flowing into the next process;

(3) Be familiar with the performance of the equipment in the workshop, speed up the inspection in the workshop, and learn to arrange the working time reasonably;

(4) Read more books in the rest of the work, study hard, improve their quality in an all-round way, and further accumulate professional knowledge.

In a word, although some achievements have been made in the past year, they can only represent the past. There are still deficiencies in my work. In the second half of the year, I will continue to study hard, practice deeply, accumulate experience, and constantly improve myself. I will do my job with a humble attitude and full enthusiasm, and live up to the expectations of the leaders!

experience of inspectors in 2018

Time passes, time flies, XX year has passed quietly.

XX year is an important turning point in my life. Leaving school and entering the society, my life has a new starting point, a new beginning and a new goal. Blue Mountain Tunhe New Material Co., Ltd. has given me an opportunity to apply the theory to practice. During this period of my work, my colleagues are very attentive to me and often give me encouragement and help. I will summarize the work of these months as follows:

1、 Work gains

In recent months, as a quality inspector, I have carefully studied the company's quality management control process. According to the requirements of post responsibilities, I have gained the following:

1. Sampling and storage of raw and auxiliary materials

I strictly follow the company's management requirements, and do not miss or take less. Learn the physical and chemical properties of various raw and auxiliary materials and store them properly.

2. Sample inspection

Inspection is a fine inspection process. "Details determine success or failure". In the process of the experiment, I do every experiment with a rigorous working attitude. At present, I have mastered the inspection methods and procedures of all raw and auxiliary materials. Thank you to my master and my colleagues for teaching me this.

3. Data processing

When recording data, I record, summarize and report every experimental data based on the principle of "pragmatic and realistic". Make sure there is no false report.

2、 Feeling and experience

1. Attitude is everything

We must be meticulous and careful in our work. You can't always make mistakes. If necessary, check your work results to make sure your work is safe. In addition to work, we should always sum up the work lessons, improve the work efficiency, and summarize the work experience. Although I will make some mistakes in my work and be criticized by the leaders, I don't think it is a shameful thing, because I think these mistakes and criticisms can help me avoid similar mistakes in the future work and make me grow up faster in the work. During the period of working with you, I was deeply impressed by their rigorous and serious work style, and I learned a lot from them.

2. Be diligent in thinking

Daily workers