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Why is Yang Chao so hot? Yang Chaoyue Koi picture, full HD, large picture

Everyone may know about creation 101. Although Yang Chaoyue is the third best rocket girl, recently Yang Chaoyue has attracted a large number of audience's attention. Then the koi map of Yang Chaoyue is wildly forwarded. Why is Yang Chaoyue so popular? Yang surpasses Koi picture big full HD big picture to understand.

Recently, Yang Chaoyue has become a popular Koi on the Internet. As long as the netizens have what they want, they will match a koi map of Yang Chaoyue and immediately forward today's share of Yang Chaoyue!! You can get what you want.

As the word of Internet language, the first netizens make complaints about Yang Chaoyue's debut in the female talent show "creation 101". Because singing and dancing in the program is mediocre, but the fans voted to remain in the top three, and finally they were able to make their debut. They were tucked by netizens as a way to make complaints about Yang Chaoyue's second.

Yang surmounts Koi without watermark

The stem comes from the female talent show "creation 101", which comes from the netizens make complaints about Yang Chaoyue. The stem first came out on June 7, which coincided with the time of college entrance examination, so as a new round of forwarding for good luck, the stem was broadcast faster.

Since the launch of creation 101, Yang Chaoyue has always been the center of the topic. On the night of the finals on the 22nd, she made a successful debut by occupying the third place with an extremely high number of votes.

One of them is' forward this Yang Chaoyue, you will not work hard like her and you can be in a high position without strength '. The amount of microblog forwarding is more than 60000!

Her fans in the black powder 'do not want to try to forward Yang surmounting' under the coax, the state of mind excellent statistics Yang surmounting recent lucky cases!

The wallpaper of Qianyang Chaoyue's mobile phone God of wealth attracted the attention of netizens. Later, Yang Chaoyue put the original wallpaper on the Internet. Some fans said that the stock would fluctuate after changing into the same Wallpaper of Yang Chaoyue. Therefore, many netizens called Yang Chaoyue "Koi", but some fans said that "fans in the circle play a role. She is a little lucky girl." I hope you don't over interpret it 。