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How about the Spring Festival tour in Hangzhou? How to avoid crowded Spring Festival in Hangzhou

In the Spring Festival, traffic jams are unavoidable in many places. In fact, traffic jams can be accepted for an hour or two. But on the expressway, especially during the Spring Festival, traffic jams can be solved for more than an hour or two. At this time, we should predict ahead of time and know how to avoid traffic jams.

Guide to avoid blocking in Spring Festival of Hangzhou Expressway

1. If you are going to Huzhou, Jiangsu, Anhui, etc

The recommended expressway is Liushi viaduct + Zijingang interchange + Hangchang expressway.

When Hangzhou goes to Huzhou, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places, it mainly takes three expressways, namely: Hangning, Hangchang and LIANHANG expressways. Among these three expressways, Hangning expressway is the most stressful one and also the most congested one. Hangchang of the binomial tells us to be relatively smooth.

2. If you go to Shanghai

The recommended expressway is the combination of Donghu viaduct and Hangpu expressway.

The normal way for Hangzhou to go to Shanghai is to go to the Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway from Pengbu and Desheng first. But now the East Lake expressway is open. You can turn from Desheng viaduct to the East Lake viaduct, and then connect with Linping to hang Pu expressway. If you start from the South Bank of Qiantang River, you can change from airport expressway to Jiubao bridge, East Lake viaduct, and then hang Pu expressway, so the road will be much smoother.

3. If you are going to HangQian and Hangjin Quzhou Expressway

Then we recommend purple tunnel.

In fact, before the opening of Zizhi tunnel, if you go to HangQian and Hangjin Quzhou expressways from the urban area, you will generally stay on the expressways and then take the west line around the city. But during the holidays, the congestion on the west line around the city is becoming very serious. The recent congestion time is more than three hours. If you go from Zizhi tunnel, you can go all the way to the south, and directly go to HangQian expressway or the south line around the city from Zhipu road. In this way, you can also save some tolls, which means you can kill two birds with one stone.

4. If it's to Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway

Your choice is not just second bridge. There are three new choices here: Airport Expressway, South line of Jiubao bridge and south entrance of Xiasha. However, it's noted here that if you want to go to Shanghai and Ningbo, you'd better refer to the actual situation.

① Airport Expressway: there are two-way six lane viaduct, which can directly go to Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway;

② South connecting line of Jiubao bridge (Tongcheng viaduct): you can turn into airport expressway in the south of Jiubao bridge, and then go to Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway;

③ South entrance and exit of Xiasha: the car owners in Xiasha can go directly to Hang Yong and Hang Jin Qu.

Are there many tourists in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival

After you can get off the transportation, let's talk about Hangzhou during the Spring Festival. First of all, you must be more concerned about the problem that there are not many people traveling to Hangzhou during the Spring Festival, which is certain. There must be a lot of people during the Spring Festival, maybe less than the National Day holiday. But there are still many people at this time. A rare holiday, coupled with the appropriate temperature in Hangzhou, many people will choose to go to the south for the festival. The Spring Festival to Hangzhou is still very good, this time is not the plum rain season, and many scenic spots are very beautiful in spring, if you see snow in the Spring Festival, it is also very good, Hangzhou snow is also super beautiful.