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What do you eat in Lidong? See how Cantonese eat rice

At the beginning of winter, the weather has entered into winter, and the weather in various regions gradually began to decline. So what do you eat at the beginning of winter? What are you suitable to eat at the beginning of winter? What do you eat at the beginning of winter in Guangzhou?

Guangdong Lidong food custom: ginger duck side stove

In the south of China, people like to eat chicken, duck and fish in the beginning of winter. Ginger duck is a snack popular in winter since 1980s. The restaurant provides cooked duck meat, ginger (ginger), rice wine, oil of Hu Jue, Chinese herbal medicine package, which are cooked in the gas stove or charcoal fire on the customer's table. After eating, the whole body is warm and smooth, which is popular.

When it comes to Lidong, Cantonese will go to a side stove to eat mutton and eat it in a hot and noisy way. After Lidong, many people will find out the precious ginseng and deer antler for supplement. Guangdong people call hot pot edge furnace. Cantonese people attach great importance to soup head, so the Cantonese side beating stove naturally takes good soup as the base, plus all kinds of seafood and delicacies, and the dip material is mainly tea sauce. The ginger duck side beating stove can nourish both qi and blood, and the duck meat with it can nourish yin and reduce fire. The medicine diet in the food is not greasy, warm but not dry, suitable for autumn and winter.

Stewed mutton with pineapple

In addition, the popular food customs of Lidong in Guangdong include stewed radish with mutton and chicken soup with pork tripe. Stewed radish with mutton has the function of nourishing qi and tonifying deficiency. It has a good effect on the patients with weak waist and knees, drowsiness and fatigue, especially for those with deficiency of spleen and stomach. Pig stomach and chicken health soup needle has therapeutic effect on deficiency of vital energy, inappetence, dyspepsia, deficiency cold and stomachache.

The custom of starting winter in Chaoshan

In the past, there was a custom of eating "Jifan" at the beginning of winter in Chaoshan area, which existed in ancient times. There is a saying in Chaoshan area that "eat rice on October 10". At the beginning of October, when the new rice was on the market, with the white radish, garlic and fresh pork, a simple and delicious rice was made. It is said that "Zhu" refers to the way of cooking, and refers to burning with fire. It embodies the rich cooking methods of chaocai.

Shantou Lidong fried rice with chestnut

Every solar term in Shantou pays attention to eating different seasonal delicacies. As the saying goes, "make up one winter with three or nine seasons, and there will be no pain in the next year." it is a unique custom in Shantou to make up one winter with one winter and eat fried rice with chestnut. It is said that the nutrition will be absorbed 100% by human body on the day of beginning winter. The Chinese herbal medicines used in the diet include ginseng, angelica, wolfberry, American ginseng, fish glue, pilose antler, Cordyceps sinensis, Poria cocos, Astragalus and so on. The common foods used in the diet include black chicken, partridge, pigeon, quail, duck and so on.