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Why does HD appear on the cell phone signal bar? What does HD mean

Sometimes two characters of HD appear next to the cell phone signal box on the top of the mobile phone. What is the meaning of HD? Do all mobile phones have two characters of HD? The reason why HD appears on the left side of the mobile phone signal is that only when the cell phone has the volte function, the symbol will be displayed. What is the volte function?

The so-called volte function refers to the basic HD voice service that this mobile phone can provide for us on the basis of 4G network, which also includes the two services of "4G HD voice" and "4G video call", and the high-definition language service of volte fully has shorter call waiting time, and the connection time can reach within 3 seconds, and the voice quality of the call is better, and the call time is shorter Wait will also appear more natural, and in video calls will appear more fluent, greatly reducing the emergence of carton.

Compared with ordinary calls, the advantages of volte are more obvious. For example, it has the advantages of low connection delay, high-definition voice video, high spectrum utilization, large capacity, etc., and it has powerful functions such as high-definition audio RBT, video RBT, image color printing, personalized call transfer, multimedia conference, etc. these powerful functions let us communicate in calls or videos There is a better feeling in the words.

Of course, if we want to use 4G HD voice service, besides opening related mobile phone service, we need to set it on the mobile phone to ensure that our mobile phone can support 4G For the volte call function, we need to select 'enable' for the 'volte' function in the mobile phone before using it. Of course, the way to open the volte function of each mobile phone is not the same. The editor suggests that users can view their own mobile phone instructions to set it.

We can use Huawei mobile phones as an example: first, I go to the settings page of mobile phones, then select more, then select mobile networks, and then click "open voice call", and select to enable the "voice call" function. After opening this function, the editor suggests that you enable and restart your mobile phone. If it starts successfully, the HD symbol will be displayed next to the signal at the top of the phone.

If our mobile phone supports volte, but cannot display HD signal after we turn it on, we need to call the relevant operator customer service and open the relevant services.

When our mobile phone's' volt 'function is turned on, and HD signal is also displayed on the top, if we are in 4G network range, 4G HD call is used by default, and the outgoing call mode is the same as the keypad dialing mode of the current mobile phone. If it is in the 2 / 3G network, it will automatically talk through the 2 / 3G network, which will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone.

And the same is true for 4G video call. When the 'voltage' function of our mobile phone is turned on and HD signal is displayed, then when we are in the 4G network range, enter the number in the phone dial-up key and select 'video call' to carry out HD video call, which is also very simple.