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What movie will be shown in 2019? Latest release schedule of 2019 recent films

With the end of 2018 approaching, 2018 will soon say goodbye to you, many netizens are also feeling that time flies! What movie will be released in 2019 when the winter vacation comes? The latest release schedule of films in 2019.

What are the upcoming films in 2019?

Although the picture shows two movies, it is actually a movie, a sequel of "split" and "immortal robbery". For true love fans, it is undoubtedly a good adventure suspense movie.

February is a children's Film Festival. Many well-known animes and comics will be adapted into films and exported to China. There are also eight immortals in China, which is a good choice for many movie enthusiasts who like domestic myths.

In March, more market was occupied by sci-fi films, not only DC works, but also sequels of the monster Godzilla and the Dragon trainer, which are loved by many people. This film has been in the third season, and my personal expectation is still very high.

Here I put the April and may films together, because there will be a collision between Doug Johnson's works and Marvel's new works, but what I am looking forward to most is Kinu's fast pursuit 3, which is also the third one. I admire Kinu very much.

Because July's films don't pay much attention, they will be put together with June. The toy story, transformers and justice Alliance 2 will all be on the market in June. What kind of sparks will these films have with skin 2 that Chen Kun knows? It's worth looking forward to.

We have to skip August because there is no exact news about the movie in August, so you know, angry birds in September should buy tickets for game lovers to watch. Batman and 007 are also our favorites. As for the ice and snow adventure, I think they will be loved by young girls.

October is the film protection month, and many positive energy Chinese films are coming to cinemas. There are not only the documentary of Chinese women's volleyball team, but also such strange films as the school captain.