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What taboos and stresses do women wear? Don't wear it wrong

As we all know, Chen is a god beast in ancient times. It can absorb gold and silver for people to transport blessings, ward off evil spirits and eliminate disasters. Therefore, many people like to take the auspicious animal Chen. For some women, what are the taboos and stresses about taking Chen?

People take Chen to recruit money and fortune for themselves, but only after the opening of Chen can play the effect, and the non open Chen is just a common ornament, which has no spirit. So do you pay attention to women's taking Chen? Some of them have something to do with Kaiguang. Therefore, if you want to have a spiritual Chen, you need to open it first. The most popular one is the supreme one in Jizhao hall. It is made of excellent materials and exquisite carvings. The authentic lighting process makes the spirit of Chen better expressed.

So here's a detailed explanation for you. Do women pay attention to wearing clothes.

1. Take Chen to collect wealth. No matter men, women, old or young, you can let him bring wealth for yourself. Women can also let Chen Chen recruit money for themselves, and women also need more wealth to support themselves, so that they can have more confidence.

2. Taking Chen can drive away Yin and evil spirits, which is more effective for women, because women's constitution is more yin, more likely to attract Yin and evil Qi, and women taking Chen can prevent these Yin and evil Qi from approaching, so as to protect themselves from Yin and evil.

3. Taking a dog can make people feel refreshed and healthy. Women's health needs more attention. Most of them are made of natural materials, which contain the spirit of heaven and earth. Women with Chen can make themselves look better and have better physical condition. So whether women take Chen or not, at least in this respect, it is absolutely beneficial.

4. Taking the "Chen" can increase the aesthetic feeling and enhance the temperament. Most of the ornaments are made of natural and high-quality materials such as jade, obsidian, agate and sandalwood. Not only the material itself will make people wear it with outstanding temperament and elegant appearance, but also the modeling and aura of Chen will increase people's spirituality. Therefore, women with Chen will make their aura more attractive and elegant.

Is there any particular way for women to take Chen? Of course, there are. There are also some things to pay attention to when they take Chen with their friends, so that they can better protect their masters. For example, female friends should not take Chen during menstruation or pregnancy, so as to avoid blood and fetal evil. In addition, it is also necessary to wipe Chen Chen with clean water frequently to keep him clean and tidy.