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The railway department will pilot the standby ticket, and each person can submit the standby ticket

Tomorrow, tickets for the first day of the Spring Festival (January 21, 2019) will be on sale. From December 27, the railway department will carry out the pilot of standby ticket purchase service on the railway 12306 website (including the mobile phone client): when there is no ticket for the required train number and seat, the ticket purchase demand can be submitted and the ticket payment can be prepaid, and the ticket system will automatically arrange the online queue for standby. Each user can submit 1 standby order, and each standby order can reserve 3 tickets. Diffusion alert!

According to the person in charge, the pre Festival train number for the pilot of alternate ticket purchase service is all the trains from Beijing, huninghang and Guangdong to Sichuan and Chongqing; the post Festival train number is all the trains from Sichuan and Chongqing to Beijing, huninghang and Guangdong.

Standby ticket purchase service refers to that passengers purchase tickets through 12306 website or mobile phone client. If there is no ticket for the required train number and seat, they can submit the ticket purchase demand according to the date, train number and seat type, and the ticket system will automatically arrange online queue for standby after the advance payment. When the tickets available for sale are generated for the corresponding train number and seat type due to the business of ticket refund and ticket change, the system will automatically cash the tickets and inform the passengers of the ticket purchase results. It is a positive exploration for the railway department to adhere to the people-centered development idea, implement the quality improvement plan of railway passenger transport, innovate the service mode of ticket selling and improve the experience of passenger ticket purchasing to launch 12306 website alternate ticket purchasing service pilot; It is also a convenience service launched by the railway department under the condition that Spring Festival 2019 is coming and passenger demand for tickets is greatly increased. The purpose is to make passenger tickets more safe, convenient and fast.

Select the standby ticket purchase service, each user can submit one standby order, add two adjacent boarding dates with the same departure and destination (different stations in the same city) in one order, and add two combined demands of "train number + seat" for each boarding date, and each standby order can reserve three tickets. The advance payment for standby ticket purchase is calculated according to the order, and the advance payment for each order is calculated according to the highest amount of ticket payment in different combination demands of the order (the sleeper is calculated according to the lower berth fare). When the bill payment is settled successfully, if the advance payment exceeds the actual bill payment, the system will automatically return the balance. There is no extra charge for standby ticket service. The delivery and cash time of the standby ticket purchase order is the same as the website operation time, from 6:00 to 23:00 every day. If the start-up time is 0:00-5:59, the standby termination time shall not be later than 19:00 of the two days before the start-up; if the start-up time is 6:00-23:59, the standby termination time shall not be later than 19:00 of the day before the start-up. Within the above time range, passengers can set their own termination time when submitting the standby order, or they can voluntarily terminate the cashing at any time after submitting the standby order. If the passenger voluntarily terminates or the system automatically terminates the standby, the system will automatically refund the advance payment in full. For the submission, success or termination of the standby ticket purchase order, the railway department will push the notification message to the user through SMS, wechat, mobile phone client, etc., and remind the passenger in the message in case of travel conflict.

The person in charge said that all registered users of 12306 website can voluntarily apply for alternative ticket purchase service for pilot trains. In order to ensure the authenticity of users, users registered on 12306 website must brush their faces on the Internet to verify the consistency of human ID before they can obtain the service. At present, the users who have passed the consistency verification of human ID card and the regular passenger users who have passed the verification are not required to go through the verification again.