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What is the custom of the winter solstice? Dumplings or dumplings in winter solstice

The winter solstice of 2018 is December 22. Today, many netizens are eating dumplings. But some areas eat dumplings instead of dumplings. Isn't dumplings a traditional Chinese delicacy? There are different answers about eating dumplings or dumplings in the winter solstice, so what's the custom of the winter solstice? Let's have a look.

In fact, there have been various opinions about whether to eat dumplings or dumplings at the winter solstice. But in fact, northerners prefer dumplings, southerners prefer tangyuan. There are also rumors in the south that eating Tangyuan is one year old. Eating Tangyuan on the winter solstice means reunion. It is very popular in Jiangnan.

For Linyi citizens in the north, they usually eat dumplings on the winter solstice, but there are also some people in Linyi who choose tangyuan. What to eat is a personal choice and preference. People in the North may not care much about dumplings or dumplings, but people in the south usually eat dumplings instead of dumplings.

There are many opinions about eating dumplings in the winter solstice, but only two are accepted. The first is to commemorate the kindness of Zhang Zhongjing's Quhan Jiaoer soup. The second is that when the experts of folk custom think that the winter solstice is the time of Yin-Yang intersection, eating dumplings on this day is also the meaning of obedience to heaven.

However, dumpling stuffing also has a moral meaning. The most common leek stuffing has the meaning of long-term wealth, which means that wealth will always follow, while cabbage meat is the meaning of 100 wealth. Xianggu depression means to drum up wealth.

And the southern people eat dumplings, just like the above little preparation, the meaning is family reunion. There is also a folk saying that eating Tangyuan is one year older. According to Chinese traditional culture, the winter solstice is the second year. Therefore, people born after the winter solstice are born in the second year.

In fact, both dumplings and dumplings have a good moral. What to eat depends on everyone's preferences, and there is no need to choose what to eat deliberately. And Xiaobian winter solstice is to eat dumplings, so what do you eat in winter solstice?