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When will wechat 7.0 Android update? Why can't Android update wechat

five hours ago, wechat started to update version 7.0, which is a large version update. It has been 4 years since the last large version update. Apple phones can be upgraded to the latest version. Android phones can't be updated yet, but it's just a matter of time. Wait patiently. The right one will come.

Let's take a look at the changes of this update.

The most intuitive change after this update is that the face value has increased, and the original simpler interface has become more simple and modern.

Login interface

The original advanced wechat's moon view map of the earth has become a unique one. At first sight, there is a kind of middle-aged breath coming to you, and then you can feel the blue and pure sky, the swaying bosju, but in the middle of the night, you can feel the tranquility, ease, a kind of peace that you haven't experienced for a long time under the fast-paced life. Because you see it, it exists. My appearance is more wonderful because of your concern.

As for why is it possum? Because it's also called possum, good Lord Zhang. Well, Mr. Zhang, this is the egg he always gave us...

User interface

The original simple color matching has become more simple, it seems very atmospheric, white with light gray, looking very comfortable

The green of the original logo is lighter and less green, but it really feels more harmonious. Who is willing to face the green life all day

Time video function

As one of the main highlights of this update, time video function is added. This is a function of taking short videos at any time. Unlike the previous small videos, this one can only be seen by friends for one day. What's more, the system will automatically match music according to the shooting content and personal habits of big data, making video creation easier. On the chat page and friend circle page, if there is a small circle on the avatar, it means that the video can be seen when it is released. If you click on the avatar and the avatar swings, it means that it is not released,

In addition to these updates, there are many other changes in the details of this version update. Friends who are interested in updating the experience quickly. Android users like Baiyun need to wait patiently first.