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How do billionaires spend Christmas? Come and see other people's Christmas

According to the daily mail on December 18, the fifth channel of the UK recently broadcast a trailer of the special program "billionaire Baby Christmas" which will be launched on Christmas Eve, attracting the attention of many netizens. In the program, the generous parents of the rich give their baby thousands of pounds worth of Christmas gifts, among which the dazzling diamonds and pearls are everywhere, which is enviable.

Generous rich parents give their baby thousands of pounds worth of Christmas gifts

It is reported that the program is scheduled to be broadcast on Christmas Eve. In the one minute trailer, Valentina, a 20 month old girl, received a 100000 pound necklace with a rare blue diamond, which was dazzling. In addition, her mother Laura held a special "Winter Wonderland" theme party featuring ballet and solid cake, which cost 150000 pounds (1.3 million yuan). In particular, the party used green materials, and even used other ingredients to replace the eggs in the cake.

Specially made rose gold ring with a precious conch pearl embedded in it

Another lucky little girl is halai, who lives in Mayfair, London. Hegira, the mother of the three-year-old girl, snapped up a specially made rose gold ring with a precious conch pearl embedded in it, surrounded by five diamonds, weighing 18 carats in total and costing 40000 pounds (about 350000 yuan), which was amazing.

Two toy soldiers eight feet tall

Three brothers in Mansfield also received special Christmas presents. Their parents, Carolyn Radford and John Radford, spent 60000 pounds (520000 yuan) to hire a professional Christmas company to decorate their 10 bedroom mansion, which eventually turned into a huge grotto. The room is surrounded by all kinds of decorations, and there are two toy soldiers standing at the door. At sunset, the 50000 lights in the room seem to want to compete with the afterglow for light. The scene is spectacular.

Trailer for the special show "billionaire Baby Christmas"

In addition, their Christmas stockings are full of all kinds of novel small gifts, such as the color book worth 24000 pounds (21000 yuan), the cover of which is engraved with their name in gold, the golden bicycle weighing 24 carats and the snowball worth 3270 pounds (28000 yuan).