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What are the top ten domestic mobile phone brands? Top ten top brand mobile phones in China in 2018

We all know the speed of mobile phone upgrading. In the past ten years, China's mobile phone industry has been developing like a blowout, many netizens have deep feelings, and mobile phone upgrading is particularly fast. So what are the top ten domestic mobile phone brands? Let's learn about China's top ten brand mobile phone rankings in 2018.

Top 10 mobile phone brands in China:


Time of establishment: 1987

Founder: Ren Zhengfei

As a world-famous and leading ICT company, Huawei mainly develops and produces electronic products and ensures the quality of its products. Its brand of mobile phones has always won the hearts of the people and is a best-selling product at home and abroad. This year, it became the 72nd place of the world's top 500,

2, Zhongxing

Time of establishment: 1985

Founder: Hou Weigui

ZTE has been listed in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In the first half of this year, ZTE ranked the fifth in the number of patents in China. Since its development, ZTE has always taken innovation and green as its philosophy. Its mobile phone products have been widely praised.

3. Lenovo

Time of establishment: 1984

Founder: Liu Chuanzhi

Lenovo has been committed to the development of electronic products since its development. As a well-known brand at home and abroad, Lenovo now has branches in the United States, Beijing and Singapore. Its mobile phones are also popular because of their excellent quality.

4, vivo

Time of establishment: 2009

Founders: Shen Wei, Duan Yongping

Vivo mobile phone company has always been committed to producing an excellent product that integrates photography, music and games. The company's concept of the product is to keep improving, hoping to create a smart phone with fun experience in a professional manner.

5, glory

Time of establishment: 2013

Company: Huawei

Huawei's new mobile phone brand is mainly aimed at the young consumers. The production principle of its mobile phone system is to be able to experience the extreme. Once launched, it will encounter the scene of hot sales.

6. Nubia

Time of establishment: 2012

Founder: Li Qiang, Ni Fei

As a company founded in 12 years, Nubia's production goal is to create a product for high-end consumers. At present, the main feature of the mobile phone is the photography function. The pictures taken by the camera lens of the mobile phone have the texture of SLR.

7, millet

Time of establishment: 2010

Founder: Lei Jun

Xiaomi has been keeping the idea of continuous innovation since it was founded. Its smart phones are very popular with the enthusiasts of playing machines with extremely high cost performance. At present, Xiaomi has occupied a place in the smart phone market.

8. Pepper

Time of establishment: 2010

Founder: Wang Xiaoyan

Pepper and millet have similarities, mainly positioned for product innovation. In the face of young people with full personality, the pepper mobile phone developed by pepper is in line with the trend of personality, and it is constantly updated, and cost-effective is also relatively high.


Time of establishment: 2004

Founder: Chen Mingyong

Oppo mobile phone has been committed to developing a mobile phone with good photographic quality since its establishment. Its technology has been constantly innovating. Since its development, the company has never forgotten its original intention and has made continuous breakthroughs in technology to improve product performance.

10, Meizu

Time of establishment: 2003

Founder: Huang Zhang

The theme system with full personality developed by Meizu company is loved by most young people. The R & D and production of the company's products attach great importance to the details and are mainly devoted to the innovation of design.