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Which brand of earphone is good in 2018? Earphone brand recommendation

There are many brands of Bluetooth headset on the market. The price, brand, quality and other factors need to be considered when purchasing wireless Bluetooth headset. These requirements are also defined according to the user himself. You can buy what kind of headset you need. Let's share with you the Bluetooth headset with good sales and favorable comments. You can choose one that you are satisfied with.

1、 Nineka South card Bluetooth headset

First of all, the netred nineka Nanka Bluetooth headset, which is claimed by netizens to have a sound quality comparable to the thousand yuan headset, adheres to the principle of low price and luxury. Although the price of the headset is only more than 200, it is first-class in terms of sound quality and comfort, and it is responsible for its beauty.

In addition, the sound quality of nineka Nanka earphones is also the best among Bluetooth earphones below 1000 yuan. With a unique front and back cavity design, the sound is more thick, the low, medium and high frequencies are more full, especially the bass is full of explosive force. It is rated as "the best sound quality and comfort in wireless bluetooth earphones below 1000 yuan" by many netizens! The price of nineka Nanka earphones is two About 100 yuan, the price performance is surprisingly high, and the beauty value is also good. It is one of the few headphone brands with high price performance within 1000 yuan.

2、 AKG k374bt wireless Bluetooth headset

AKG earphone brand from Austria is an old manufacturer in the field of in ear hifi earphone. This AKG k374bt ear cavity is designed with metal and plastic materials, which can not only ensure better sound quality, but also reduce the load for wearing, and control the weight of the headset to about 6G.

In terms of sound quality, this earphone is tuned in the middle and low frequency, with good voice resolution, clear voice, warm and comfortable. And the songs with heavy metal rock music can also restore the drumbeat of the instrument.

3、 Walkman w296bt Bluetooth headset

The cavity of walkers' w296bt earphone is a three-dimensional triangle shape, the whole machine is decorated with black metal, avant-garde and fashionable. The wire control part is simple, full black plastic structure, with multi-function keys, volume up and down keys, as well as LED lights and microphones that can display different states.

4、 Sony mdr-ex750bt

Sony mdr-ex750bt is a fashionable sports earphone product with rich colors. It has a variety of color options such as green, cinnabar red, lemon yellow, carbon black and Bordeaux red, especially favored by female users. In terms of appearance, Sony mdr-ex750bt adopts a smooth and slim neck wear design, which is simple but not simple. The natural radian ensures the comfort of wearing. And although it also supports remote control, it has a separate remote control key. Instead, it integrates the function on the neck ring, so you don't need to worry about the random shaking of the remote control part when running.

5、 Gebolang t280bt

Jetboran is one of the few affordable earphone positioning brands among all imported Bluetooth earphone brands. This t280bt Bluetooth headset, wire look and Jeet Like W1, it adopts noodle shape, so when running, the wire can not stick to the skin, hang the hair, or wind the wire, and it is also a red two-color wire. For users who like a little different feeling, they may prefer this low-key and enthusiastic two-color wire headset, and the choice of gender is more neutral, not like some thick Bluetooth Earphones, using the whole body cold gray and so on, obviously excluding female consumers.