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Dumplings or dumplings at the winter solstice? People from the north and the South quarreled again t

December 22 is the winter solstice in the 24 solar terms of 2018, as the saying goes, the winter solstice is a big cattle. East and West have become a unique festival food culture through historical precipitation. The most traditional food in the winter solstice is dumplings, but there is also the habit of eating Tangyuan in the south. Forgive Xiaobian for being a real northerner.

The ancients believed that all the year round, including people's anger, began to turn from decline to prosperity in winter. And the winter solstice food culture also reflects the differences between the north and the south.

In the south, during the winter solstice, tangyuan's family takes out rice to make Tangyuan, which is known as the winter solstice day of the Ming Dynasty. It is easy to find from ancient poems that the custom of eating Tangyuan in the South during the winter solstice is existed in ancient times. Every time when the winter solstice is approaching, supermarkets will put out frozen Tangyuan of various brands in advance, and more manufacturers will try the cooked Tangyuan for consumers free.

The Cantonese, who are considered to be the best eaters in the country, call the winter solstice the winter festival. And there is also a saying that eating Tangyuan in the local area is one year old.

In the north, dumplings are eaten during the winter solstice

The winter solstice season is dominated by wonton and dumplings. There is an old saying in Beijing: "wonton noodles in winter solstice". But delicious dumplings in the northern people's view, the winter solstice dumplings and wonton is no better.

Similarly, we can see all kinds of frozen dumplings in the refrigerators of major supermarkets, and wonton has different names in different places. I believe you are not the last one to know. In Guangdong, wonton is generally called yuntun; in Hubei, it's called Baomian; in Jiangxi, it's called Qingyang, and in Sichuan, it's called hand copying! Eating dumplings on the winter solstice in Henan is called "pinching frozen ears" so that people won't freeze their ears in the cold winter.

It turns out that the difference between the north and the south is not just that the tofu brain should be salty and sweet, but now this phenomenon may change due to the migration of population, especially for the first tier cities with more permanent population.