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Can winter solstice greetings say happy? Winter Solstice Festival blessing words selection

It's the winter solstice today. Have you eaten dumplings? How can friends and elders greet you when you meet at the winter solstice? Can we say happy at the winter solstice? Generally speaking, happy is not the winter solstice, but healthy.

1、 In the folk winter solstice, the Qingming Festival and the Zhongyuan Festival are called the three Ghost Festivals. At this time, every family should pay homage to the dead and miss the dead. At this time, if you receive the message of "happy winter solstice", you will feel uncomfortable indeed. At this time, it may be more appropriate to send the blessing of "good health" to relatives and friends.

2、 But according to ancient records, the winter solstice is not only a day of sacrifice, but also a good day of auspice. "Hanshu" records: "the winter solstice Yang Qi, Jun Dao long, so he. 'the ancients believed that after the winter solstice, the days grew longer and the Yang began to rise. At this time, no matter the dignitaries or the common people, they would put on new clothes, put a table of rich banquet at home, and celebrate the arrival of the winter solstice together.

The winter solstice festival blessing words select one, winter solstice send you a car of happiness, let peace start, abandon all worries, happy hug with you, release the true feelings of life, let happiness smile to you forever.

2、 Winter solstice send you a bowl of safe and happy dumplings, boil water with real feelings, season with blessings, let you eat a day of good luck, a year of good luck.

3、 Care doesn't start today, and blessing doesn't end today. I give you the most sincere heart, the most care and the deepest blessing. Gently tell you that today is the winter solstice. Don't forget to eat dumplings!

4、 Cool down, the sound of the falling flowers wind know, the feeling of missing heart know, the cold temperature winter know, my blessing you know, there is no gorgeous words, just want to send you warm blessing in the gradually cold winter!

5、 When winter comes, spring is near; when happiness comes, troubles slip away; when health comes, illness escapes; when wealth comes, bad luck runs out; when happiness comes, depression hides; when sweetness comes, absence leaves; when blessing comes, warmth stays. The winter solstice season, wish you to be happy, to run.

6、 Important reminder: today's winter solstice, don't forget to eat dumplings, if you forget. The consequences are serious: one is not beautiful, two is unable to wear glasses, three is unable to listen to sweet words & hellip; & hellip; eating dumplings can prevent ears from freezing off.

7、 The bright moon in front of the bed looks like frost on the ground. Light snow and heavy snow make us busy. The winter solstice comes in a twinkling of an eye, and the air conditioning is unstoppable. Add clothes and hats, and Tengteng tonic soup. Cheer for the new year. The flu is dead.

8、 Add more clothes in the cold wind, and fall carefully when the ground is icy and slippery. In the daytime, I return home in the morning for a short time, and I feel happy with the snow. The food is hot and the stomach is full. I admire the beautiful snow. I wish you a happy winter solstice!

9、 When winter solstice comes, I will bring you lucky soup. Send mutton soup, wish you: everything goes well, no one can stop you! Send ribs soup, wish you: good fortune, good luck, no one can compare!

10、 When the winter solstice comes, we will get together, eat dumplings, be happy and greedy, have fun and warm our stomachs, the solar term of the winter solstice bodes well, good luck and a beautiful day. I wish you good health, good health and a safe life.