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Regret updating wechat? Comparison between new and old versions of wechat

Last night, there was a new change in the wechat interface. Do you think the new version is good-looking? Although the old love changes into new love, it's a sudden change in painting style that makes many people at a loss, but no matter later, they don't regret it. Anyway, sooner or later, they will upgrade. Just get used to it first!

The contrast between WeChat's old and new versions: 1, the overall interface style is more flat; 2, add the 'instant video'; 3, the personal page is the bottom, more than the 'message' and 'voice and video' two fast operation entrance; 4, WeChat official account's' Zan Zan 'upgraded to' good-looking '; 5, WeChat's' wallet' is revised to 'pay'… … which edition do you think is good?