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What are the hazards of sedentary? The truth stunned you and me

Many people need to sit for a long time due to study, work and other reasons in life, but do you know that the harm of sitting for a long time is serious to the body? Let's see what the harm of sitting for a long time is and how long we need to get up for activities.

Many people should know about the hazards of sedentary. But when it comes to the specific hazards of sedentary, you may not be very clear. Let's take a look.

1. Muscle soreness

The reason why we can move freely mainly depends on the circulation of blood, but if we sit for a long time, it is bound to reduce the amount of oxygen carrying blood in the body, reduce the partial pressure of oxygen and increase the amount of carbon dioxide carrying blood, resulting in muscle pain, stiffness and atrophy.

2. Anorexia

Often long time sedentary can cause the whole body to lack of exercise, and it can also weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce the secretion of digestive fluid. For a long time, there will be anorexia, dyspepsia and fullness of the stomach.

3. Lumbar spondylosis

Long time sitting or bad sitting posture will lead to long-term tension of the lumbar soft tissue, and the soft tissue will also appear the phenomenon of ischemia, which will lead to lumbar muscle strain in the long run.

4. Heart disease

The risk of coronary heart disease is 4 times higher than that of regular exercise or manual workers.

5. Hemorrhoids

If you keep sitting for a long time, the abdominal blood flow speed will slow down, the venous blood of the lower limbs will not flow back, and the blood circulation will be blocked. In this case, the rectal venous plexus is prone to varicose, leading to blood stasis, and finally forming a venous mass, namely hemorrhoids.

6. Injury of coccyx

The symptoms of coccygeal pain include tenderness or leg pain near the buttock and coccygeal bone, including coccygeal bone, levator ani muscle and surrounding soft tissue. If the sitting posture is not correct for a long time and the nerve of the coccyx is compressed, the injury and pain of the coccyx can be caused.

7. Memory loss

Keeping sitting posture for a long time will slow down the blood circulation of human body and lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain and other important organs of the body. Lack of blood supply to the brain is manifested in memory loss, fatigue and other symptoms. For older people, sedentary may also lead to Alzheimer's disease.

8, injuring the kidney

Sitting for a long time will also hurt the kidney. After sitting for a long time, because the weight of the human body is concentrated in the hip and thigh parts, the blood flow in these parts is not smooth, resulting in dysfunction of the bladder. After sitting for a long time, because the blood flow in the legs is not smooth, as time goes on, there may be lower extremity edema.

9, obesity

People who keep sitting posture for a long time have less energy consumption due to less activity. After eating food, the energy produced by food can not be fully utilized, which will be converted into fat substances stored in the body, resulting in the occurrence of obesity.

10. Hunchback

Keeping sitting posture for a long time will lead to stiff neck. If the posture is not correct when sitting, it may also lead to hunchback.

11. Inflammation of Gynecology

Some women not only have long-term sedentary condition, but also have bad sitting posture, such as walking on two long legs, which will cause the blood circulation of women's legs to be blocked, resulting in poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, leading to women's prone to various gynecological diseases, causing great impact on their health.

12. Prostatitis

Sedentary easily lead to poor blood circulation of prostate. Accumulation of metabolic products, poor secretion of glandular fluid, simple formation of prostate slow congestion, and then lead to prostatitis.

How long do you want to sit up? For those who need to sit for a long time due to work, do not exceed 2 hours in a row. During work, do about 10 minutes of activity every 2 hours, or walk freely, or do simple exercise, etc., which can effectively avoid the above diseases.

If you're sitting on a bench or chair, it's best to get up and move for an hour or two. If you are sitting on a sofa or a seat similar to the height of a sofa, the time will be shorter. The activity is for blood circulation. The body always sits in one position and the legs will be numb for a long time. How long is determined according to its own constitution. If the constitution is weak, the time should be shortened accordingly.

If sitting is not good for cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebrae and cardio cerebral blood vessels, it is recommended to get up and exercise for a while. The specific time depends on your work, environment and personal situation. It is also reasonable for students to spend 45 minutes.