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Do you feel that it is too cold in winter to apply the mask? How to apply the mask in winter can not

Winter is a season when the skin is easy to dry. As we all know, facial mask is a good choice for face quick replenishment. But do you feel that it is too cold in winter to apply the mask? How do you apply the mask in winter to feel cold?

First of all, before making a mask, it is necessary to exfoliate properly. The cycle of general exfoliation is good for one month. Do not use the skin care products exfoliating frequently. It is easy to damage the skin. Sensitive skin, to carefully choose exfoliation skin care products.

This season, the mask will feel cool. Proper "heating" mask is available. With packaging, mask the bubble in warm water, so that the mask will not be so cold.

You can also apply a mask while taking a bath, which saves time. It can also relieve the cold sensation of applying the mask in winter. In the northern part of the house where there is heating, before putting on the mask, you can put it on the heater first and then warm it up. Then you won't feel so cold.

Apply a mask to a Monday to two times, too much frequency of the mask, not only will not give a lot of water to the skin, but it will lose the moisture of the skin.

Moisturizing mask can be applied regularly when skin can absorb, but functional facial mask, such as whitening, wrinkle resistant, can be two to three times a week.

The time of applying the mask is not as long as possible, generally five to fifteen minutes. After finishing the mask, it can massage the face and promote skin absorption. When the mask is applied for a long time, the mask will absorb moisture on the face, causing the skin to dry.

After finishing the mask, be sure to wipe the cream. Dry in winter, the skin absorbs water and evaporates quickly. Timely wipe the cream can lock a lot of moisture.

In addition to patch type mask, and smear type. For example, it's suitable for winter. It won't feel too cold on your face. Moreover, the smearing mask does not delay you doing other things. After ten to fifteen minutes, clean with cleaning. Sleeping mask is also a good choice. Apply evenly to your face before going to bed. Wash it out the next morning.