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Is losing hair kidney deficiency? What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency

Hair loss is also hair loss in medical terms. It includes natural hair loss and pathological hair loss due to various reasons. It is common in men. People who often work with computers and mental stress are also more likely to lose their hair. It is caused by endocrine disorders, mental trauma, vascular dysfunction and genetic factors.

Slight hair loss may be caused by changing seasons, malnutrition or high mental pressure. We can supplement nutrition, strengthen physical exercise and relax our mood. It's a natural phenomenon, don't worry too much. If there is more hair loss, we can massage the scalp, forehead, hairline and other parts daily to promote blood circulation, maintain a balanced diet, and appropriately increase some foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as animal liver, fruit, walnut, black sesame, etc. Serious cases of hair loss can be treated in hospital, and scalp hair planting operation can be carried out. If it is internal rational hair loss, further physical examination should be carried out.

It can be seen that there is no inevitable relationship between hair loss and kidney deficiency. So what are the symptoms of kidney deficiency? Common are: frequent urination, hyposexual desire, backache, irregular menstruation. Kidney deficiency is generally divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. The deficiency of Kidney Yang is mainly cold. The limbs are cold, chilly and even edematous. Deficiency of kidney Yin is mainly heat, dry heat, night sweat, and so on. Both deficiency of kidney yang and deficiency of kidney Yin will lead to the decline of human immunity, which will cause many problems, so there may be a certain connection between hair loss and deficiency of kidney, but it is not an inevitable connection.

Our body is a unified system. If something goes wrong in one place, other parts may be involved. But don't worry too much. If you care, you will be confused. We can actively ask the doctor to keep a healthy and optimistic mood.