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What kind of city is Hangzhou? What makes Hangzhou people's quality of life

As the old saying goes, "there is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom" shows people's approval and love for Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a city where people can feel nature and freedom. The history and customs of Hangzhou have brought up the quality of life of Hangzhou people. Why do Hangzhou people have very high quality of life?

Hangzhou is the home of silk, Hangzhou people prefer silk, one of the reasons is that silk is good for resisting humid climate. Every family has silk products, such as quilts, covers, pillows, pillows, pajamas and other clothes.

Hangzhou people are polite. They speak Hangzhou dialect very well. They mumble. They are gentle and obedient. Hangzhou is nine to five, with many super hotels, which integrates Chinese cuisines and world styles. Different consumers can choose different restaurants and characteristics, and they can have whatever they want. In particular, Hangzhou has a large tourist population. It is very pleasant to play, eat and live in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is also a new first tier city. There are many entrepreneurs and employees in Hangzhou, which makes the catering industry in Hangzhou develop rapidly.

Hangzhou people are good at leisure, entertainment and relaxation. Tea house, coffee shop, chess and card room, swimming pool and other businesses are booming. Fitness is a living habit. Zhejiang TV has built a good singing and running bar in China. Hangzhou is one of China's e-commerce centers. Online shopping, logistics and meituan are well developed. A mobile phone has been realized in Hangzhou. More open, more international, Hangzhou maintains the quiet and leisurely beauty of leisure.

I remember Hangzhou most. Hangzhou, a poetic journey.

Hangzhou is not only a city, but also a life. The words of nature, freedom, taste, leisure, real life, peace of mind and so on are the key words for foreigners to represent Hangzhou.