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Why can eat ferment plum to have loose bowels? What are the side effects of eating fermented plum

Enzyme plum is a kind of food made from green plum and enzyme. Its main functions are beauty, slimming, reducing fire, clearing intestines and so on. It's the favorite of many female dieters, but many people report that they have diarrhea after eating the enzyme plum. What's the matter?

The function of ferment plum

Modern medicine has proved that zyme plum can adjust acid-base balance, improve intestinal function, eliminate fatigue and relieve pressure. People who often eat green plum have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease and cancer. Enzyme plum is a kind of functional food for women. It perfectly combines the effects of enzyme and green plum. It has the effects of reducing weight, detoxification and beautification. Eating enzyme plum can promote the proliferation of probiotics, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and generate organic acids, which can treat constipation.

Notes on the consumption of fermented plum

It is suitable for people with constipation, irregular diet, social intercourse, obesity and lack of exercise. Many office workers have irregular living habits, defecate irregularly every day, and are prone to constipation. Eating one or two enzyme plums a day can help defecate effectively. But you can't eat too many enzyme plum, one at a time, no more than three a day. Eating too much may cause diarrhea.

What are the side effects of enzyme plum

1. Soft stool phenomenon

The mucus in the gastrointestinal tract is to prevent gastric acid from corroding the intestinal wall and filtering the absorption of nutrients; if it is excessive, it will hinder the absorption of nutrients, and the whole intestinal function of enzymes is to eliminate the excess mucus in the gastrointestinal tract. Feces, mucus and water are mixed and discharged into a slurry, which is different from general diarrhea in the absence of abdominal pain.

2. Body itching

People with dysfunction of liver and kidney organs are prone to leave a lot of wastes, toxins and metal elements at the end of blood vessels and between cells. Enzymes can effectively decompose these harmful substances and excrete them from urine. When some of them are excreted by sweat glands, they will feel itchy.

3. Burning pain in patients with gastric ulcer

The enzyme plum has the effect of strong anti-inflammatory and activating cells. When it touches the site of gastric ulcer, it can decompose necrotic cells and viruses. Therefore, it can produce some slight fever, prickle or suffocation, which is caused by the stimulation of nerves. After the repair of cells, gastric ulcer can be improved. Ximei, like a scavenger in human body, will attach foreign substances and decompose them to prevent artery obstruction and maintain joint flexibility.

Which people are not suitable to eat the enzyme plum? The general population can take the enzyme, but it is not suitable for the children in the development period. It is also feasible to take it occasionally or in proper amount. After all, the body also lacks the enzyme, and the proper use can reach the saturation.

Anyone can supplement enzymes. Some people suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation, and can choose to take retaminase half an hour after meal, which will not stimulate the gastrointestinal tract; some people are prone to allergies, and the original enzyme solution does not contain any irritant ingredients, but also can improve the allergic constitution; people with high blood sugar can consult professionals first, and then take it.

If you often have constipation, it's very good to eat zyme plum in daily life. Ferment plum can effectively improve the negative effects of constipation. People who often eat fast food can also eat more enzyme plum, which can effectively supplement the lack of plant cellulose in the body and promote the nutritional balance in the body. People who often stay up late may lead to their own physiological dysfunction, and proper consumption of enzyme plum can also achieve a good conditioning effect.