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What should pregnant women pay attention to during the Spring Festival? Precautions for pregnant wom

Spring Festival is coming, everyone is rushing home for the Spring Festival, so for pregnant women, if they want to travel a long distance, what should they do? What are the precautions for pregnant women to take a long distance car, and how do pregnant women treat Spring Festival? Let's follow the editor to learn more about it~

Precautions for pregnant women to take long-distance bus

1. Three must:

If the mother to be must take a long journey, make three 'must' before departure:

A. You must get in touch with your obstetrician, have a comprehensive physical examination, and have a comprehensive communication with your doctor to let him know where you are going and the main means of transportation. Please ask him to give you advice and tell you which emergency medicine you need to take;

B. You must prepare loose, comfortable and soft clothes, shoes and socks, with a pillow or cushion suitable for your own use when traveling;

C. At least one person must be accompanied to ensure full care and safety during the journey.

2. The first choice is sleeper, the second is plane, and the second is car

In the long-distance running, we should choose the smooth, comfortable and safe means of transportation such as plane, train and ship.

It's better to choose a sleeper, a soft sleeper or a hard sleeper. It's better to go together. It's better to choose the seat close to the passageway for taking the plane and train, so that you can often stand up and move your legs, prevent swelling, and also facilitate going to the bathroom or getting on and off the train. Taking a car is the best policy, because the bumpy journey and jumping are the first factors that cause abortion.

3. Keep warm and eat regularly:

When going out, mothers to be must prevent colds, rubella and other diseases. In addition, pay attention to do a good job of health protection during the journey, take a bath frequently, change underwear frequently, and drink more water to prevent urinary tract infection and vaginitis due to the reduction of resistance during the long journey. In case of abdominal pain and vaginal redness, you should see a doctor nearby immediately.

At the same time, remember to prepare the thermos kettle, fruit, and food suitable for pregnant women, so as to prevent the mother to be from feeling hungry or uncomfortable during the long journey.

How do pregnant women treat Spring Festival

It is not recommended to squeeze 'Spring Festival transport' in early and late pregnant women

Generally speaking, it is not suitable for long-distance travel in the early and late pregnancy, while in the middle of pregnancy, the baby in the stomach has amniotic fluid protection, and short-circuit bumps will not affect.

The first three months of pregnancy is the most critical period for the development of the fetus. The fertilized egg implantation is not stable. Moreover, many pregnant moms have a large response to pregnancy and vomiting in the first three months of pregnancy, which is not suitable for travel at all. According to the medical data, more than 50% of the fertilized eggs can't be born into cute babies after the successful pregnancy, but go through various situations such as biochemical pregnancy, abortion, fetal arrest, fetal death, most of which are chromosome problems, which are eliminated in the natural process, and 80% of them occur in the first three months.

In the late pregnancy, the physiological changes of pregnant women are great, and the adaptability to the environment is also reduced. For example, the smell of gasoline in the car will make pregnant women feel nauseous, vomit and loss of appetite; the long-term turbulence will make pregnant women have poor rest, less sleep and restlessness; fatigue will also affect their appetite; the long-term car ride will cause or aggravate leg edema and make their movements more inconvenient.

The passengers are usually crowded, and the abdomen of late pregnancy is bulging, which is easy to be squeezed or bumped, leading to abortion and premature delivery; the air in the car is dirty, and there are many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, which increases the chance of pregnant women infected with diseases. In case of miscarriage, premature delivery and other accidents in the car, it will bring life risks to pregnant women and fetus.

Pregnant women should be more careful on the way to Spring Festival

If the mother to be wants to rush home in the Spring Festival, it is safest to choose between four and six months of pregnancy. Because this period of time 'pregnancy reaction' has passed, the heavy 'paunch' and leg swelling have not yet appeared, so it is the best time for expectant mothers to go out. Don't walk around in the third trimester, so as not to stimulate the mother and fetus or travel fatigue due to the turbulence of vehicles and boats, which will cause premature birth and 'midwifery'.