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Why is Canadian down jacket so expensive? Authenticity identification of canadian goose down jacket

to identify the authenticity of canadian goose down jacket, why is it so popular? Goose down jacket is the favorite of many stars in the street. Its price is much higher than that of ordinary down jacket. Today's editor will teach you to judge the authenticity of goose down jacket.

I think it's mainly about quality. After all, there's temperature detection. The real goose production requirements can't be met by fakes. For example, the pressing line is very tight and can't get wind power in. The fabric is soft. Even if Edmonton is cold, it's still soft, unlike ordinary down jacket, which has become hard. The most important thing is to find a reliable purchase channel. After all, thousands of things are very annoying. There is a canadian goose sent by my sister from Canada, and also a so-called "genuine counter" bought on behalf of the so-called "genuine products". The difference is very obvious. The following is a list for your reference.

(1) Identification of water washing mark

It's true and false. You can see that the canadian goose washing label on the top is very exquisite, especially the small cloth bag on the bottom of the label is very good. Compared with the label of the fake clothes below, the label is totally different when it is sewn on the clothes. Look at the small bag? There is no fake.

(2) Comparison of hang tag

Left real right fake. You can see the authentic canadian goose tag on the left. It's neatly cut and well made. The paper is hard and not easy to break. It's red and one side has a round corner shape. Compared with the fake tag on the right, the tag has a long and short length. Red paper is not good and easy to break.

(3) Identification of mark deduction

It's also true on the left and false on the right. On the left is the authentic canadian goose buckle with two sides. In fact, the cloth is very good. The trimming is neat and not fussy, which is the level of a big brand. Compared with the fake on the right, it's a lot rough. Not only the cloth is very thin, but also it's found that the buckle is only embroidered on one side. The edge is fussy, which is the work of a small factory.

(4) Difference of armband

Left true right false, the difference is still too obvious. The real canadian goose down jacket on the left has fine needle running and no skew; The fake is as shown in the picture on the right. You must have found the white suture in the upper right corner. In addition, you should pay attention to the separation of the letters' C 'and' p 'of the authentic canadian goose, while the letters' C' and 'p' of the fake on the right are connected. Look at the red maple leaf and the sun in the middle. The fake is too rough.

(5) Comparison of lead

The above is the comparison between the real and fake collars. The overall situation is similar to the previous problems. The authentic ones are very delicate, but the fake ones are very rough. Whether it's the stitching technology or the degree of sophistication of the logo itself, the fake ones will be different.

(6) Different collar wolf hair contrast

Real Canadian geese use Coyote hair, which is short and hard. Many of my friends don't like it very much, because it will prick the skin a little. Fakes seem to think about this, so they use the wool like material in the right picture above. The fur can't be seen by the cute pig for some reason, but it feels softer than it really is, and it's easy to fall off.

Why is canadian goose down jacket so popular

The down jacket of canadian goose can be worn at any age basically. Her family also has the style of children's clothing, which can be worn by children. Older friends can buy some simple and versatile styles, which can also be worn.

1. Make in Canada

When many companies outsource their own processing overseas, Canada goose still adheres to the principle of being local. From materials, design, cutting to processing, it is said that it interprets manual production, so the labor is expensive.

2. Use the best quality materials

As a national treasure of Canada, down jacket adopts the best quality white duck down and coyote hair. Note that it's duck down. Although they call it goose, the filler they use is actually duck down, but their product's fill power can reach 625. The usual market standard of down jacket is 600-900, of course, the higher the better, but this is not all. They also use Coyote hair.

Coyote is a very common Coyote living in North America. So using the hair of these two kinds of animals is also one of their unique. Using the hair of these two kinds of animals can not only keep warm, but also make the weight of down jacket light enough.