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What should we pay attention to during the Spring Festival? These eight major events should be remem

Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, accompanied by all kinds of food and drink. It's a happy thing to eat and drink, but it's not good to eat, so it's not good to go to the hospital if people are uncomfortable. Therefore, we must pay attention to the reasonable control of the diet during the Spring Festival. Today, I'd like to share with you some food precautions during the Spring Festival, hoping to help you.

Spring Festival Diet avoid overeating during the Spring Festival every family's table that is called a rich, this family eat that, it is easy to lead to overeating. And the result of overeating is gastrointestinal distress, when you can't enjoy any more food.

Therefore, during the Spring Festival, in the face of a rich meal, we must control our own food consumption, resolutely resist the temptation, do not eat too much, and never lose too much.

During the Spring Festival, people tend to work and rest irregularly, either omitting a meal, or concentrating on a meal, or even overeating, and eating more greasy, which not only stimulates the stomach and intestines, but also accelerates the pace of obesity.

Therefore, during the Spring Festival, special attention should be paid to timing and quantity. Three meals should not be saved, and the amount of each meal should be appropriate. In addition, the greasy and meaty food should be properly controlled. It is better to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Don't drink too much during the Spring Festival, but don't forget to drink too much. Drink too much not only hurt the stomach, spleen and so on, but also easily lead to other diseases, serious may also lead to sudden death. The body is the capital of the revolution, so we must attach great importance to this issue, and never refuse to come for the sake of face. Chinese New Year is a happy thing. Don't make a tragedy because of drinking.

During the Spring Festival, people mostly drink and eat vegetables, ignoring eating and eating staple food, which is wrong. Food is the main source of carbohydrates in the body. It participates in the metabolism of fat and protein, makes it completely oxidized, reduces the generation of poisons, and provides dietary fiber for the human body.

Therefore, during the new year, don't eat and drink without limit, it's better to keep a part of appetite to eat the main food.

Don't forget to pay attention to the hygiene of Spring Festival food. Generally, you will buy a lot of things in advance. And pile there for a long time is very easy to deteriorate, so, before eating, we must look at the shelf life, do not eat expired food.

Also, be sure to cook the food thoroughly before eating. Finally, wash hands frequently before eating to avoid intestinal problems caused by bacterial infection.

The spring festival diet should not be too greasy. Most of the fish and meat on the Spring Festival table are too greasy, which is easy to cause stomach disease and also easy to gain weight. Generally speaking, it is not healthy, so it is necessary to control the consumption, and it is better to reasonably match with light vegetable dishes when eating.

In addition, eating greasy food is best to eat some fruit, drink a cup of tea, etc.

The spring festival diet should not be over meat for the old people. The old people should pay more attention to the meat and greasy food. Because the gastrointestinal function of the elderly will decline to a certain extent, it is difficult for them to digest too much meat or other greasy and high calorie food.

During the Spring Festival, the diet of the elderly should consider their physical condition and eat reasonably. Don't neglect their original eating habits, such as porridge, coarse grain, etc. because of the Spring Festival. The "special treatment" should also be "special treatment". Don't be bothered.

One of the characteristics of avoiding leftovers in aluminum containers for Spring Festival is a pile of leftovers. Most of the way people deal with leftovers is to put them in the refrigerator. When storing leftovers, do not put them in aluminum containers or pots, because the chemical properties of aluminum are very active, and it is easy to oxidize in the air, forming alumina film.

However, alumina film is insoluble in water, but it can be dissolved in acid or alkaline solution. Salt can also destroy alumina. Salty dishes stored in aluminum containers for a long time will produce chemical reactions, produce aluminum compounds, and have adverse effects on the body.