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Are oranges divided into male and female? Is salt steamed orange effective in relieving cough?

Orange is a fruit that many people like to eat. It is not only delicious, but also can moisten the lungs and turn phlegm. At the same time, it can also help to lose weight and beauty. In winter, oranges are on the market in large quantities. Are oranges divided into male and female? How about the cough relieving effect of salt steamed oranges?

There is a popular saying that oranges are also divided into "male and female" oranges. Is it true that female oranges are better than male oranges? Some people think that to distinguish the male and female oranges, the one with the smaller navel is male, and the one with the larger navel is female. In fact, it is a misunderstanding that oranges are not divided into "male" and "female". The navel of an orange is its compound fruit. Different from what many people think, oranges should choose the one with small navel.

If you cut the orange from the big navel, you can see that there is a small piece of flesh surrounded by a circle of white tendons. This is the compound fruit of the orange is not delicious. The orange with small navel has a good taste and a lot of water. The orange with large or prominent navel has a poor taste and less water. Orange has the functions of broad intestines, regulating qi, resolving phlegm, eliminating food, appetizing, stopping vomiting, relieving pain, relieving cough, etc.

How to steam orange with salt?

Here is a recipe, that is, steamed orange with salt, which has no good effect on cough caused by cold. The specific methods are as follows:

Ingredients: 1 fresh orange with a little salt. Method: wash the orange thoroughly (put a pinch of salt and rub the orange skin with both hands for 2-3 minutes), open a mouth on the orange and leave a connection, so that it can be fixed without toothpick; poke with chopsticks, evenly smear a little salt on the orange flesh; put it into a bowl, steam it in a pot, steam it for 10-20 minutes after the water is boiled, take it out, peel it, take the pulp and the steamed water for eating.

Efficacy: orange is suitable for the treatment of hot cough due to its cool nature, while for the patients with cold cough, it is more suitable to eat neutral and warm orange. Steam with salt can play a certain role in disinfection, but do not put too much salt, otherwise it will affect the taste and effect. Finally, we need to remind that there are dyed oranges in the market. When you buy them, you should be careful, and it is not difficult to judge: when you buy them, wipe the surface of the orange skin with paper towel, wet paper towel, and small towel with some force. If you dye them, there will be discoloration, so you should pay more attention when you buy them.