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What's the best suit for skiing in winter? Skiing precautions and taboos

is winter a very happy thing for skiing enthusiasts? Skiing in winter is a romantic and fun sport, but for beginners, they still need to do their homework in advance, so what's good for skiing in winter? In fact, it's the best for skiing to wear a sprint suit, which is not only windproof and warm, but also very light.

Can I wear down jacket for skiing

December is finally coming, and the snow fields are opening one after another. Skiing is a kind of sports that can stimulate your adrenals. From the hundred meter snow slope, you can feel the pleasure of blood and ice collision. Skiing is an interesting and complex sport. Wearing proper snowsuits and professional snowgear can not only help us improve our technology, but also enjoy more skiing fun. Now let's take a look at how the skaters with the forced frame are dressed.

The ski resort adopts artificial snow, which is hard and has broken ice. The down jacket can hardly play the role of waterproof and protection. After falling, it is very easy to get water or even damage, resulting in wet ice or personal injury of inner clothing. To participate in skiing, it's better to buy or rent a ski suit (pants). If not, then it's OK to wear a suit (pants), but the water-proof, air permeability and wear resistance will be much worse. Moreover, the inner layer of the general suit is not locked tightly, and it's easy to enter the snow after falling.

Can I wear a long down jacket for skiing

It's better not to wear long down jacket. The hem will restrict your leg space. Even down jacket should wear thick fabric. The fabric of thin lightweight down jacket is very thin and easy to scratch. Skiing is very physical. If you don't get cold when you exercise, you may sweat when you wear down clothes. Old skiers will wear quick drying underwear and well ventilated coats. Beginners mainly need to protect their neck, head, face and hands, and draw sweaters or autumn clothes into their belts.

Precautions for skiing in charge suit

① Wear a jacket with a drawstring at the hem or waist to prevent wind or snow;

② Wear a fleece, cotton or down liner under the charge coat to keep warm;

③ Wear high ski gloves to protect hands and prevent wind from pouring into hands;

④ Choose to close the design of the sprint pants, or in the sprint pants jacket snow cover. Under the snow and cold weather conditions, it can not only ensure that outdoor users' feet are not 'harassed' by snow infiltration, but also play a protective role in ankle to a certain extent.