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What are the riddles about new year's day? Riddles and answers to new year's Day

New year's Day is coming. New Year's Day is the day of reunion. Xiaobian has prepared some riddles about new year's day. The friends who like to guess riddles can read them. Hurry to live this article and play with close people.

Riddles and answers on New Year's Day

1、 Second reform of power plant (play a festival)

2、 A day in the garden

3、 Sincerely seeking reform, all for the four modernizations (play a festival)

4、 Chao Gai arrives at 4:3 (play a festival)

5、 Cloud son spreads the distant mountain, the sky end covers the bright moon (play a festival)

6、 To take sides one by one (a festival)

7、 Tang, song, Ming and Qing Dynasties are not the only places after Sui Dynasty, and the opera corners are not only ugly at the end of Qing Dynasty

8、 One day falling rain (type a word)

9、 New year's Day

10、 New year's Day

11、 Born on New Year's Day

12、 Return on New Year's Eve after leaving home

Answer one

First, new year's Day

Two, new year's Day

Three, new year's Day

Four, new year's Day

Five, new year's Day

Six, new year's Day

Seven, new year's Day

Eight, one

Nine, Zhou Gong

Ten, Ming

Eleven, fishy

12、 Year of return

Topic two

1、 New year's day off, tomorrow to work (idiom)

2、 Bell on New Year's Day

3、 Go out on New Year's day and come back on New Year's Eve

4、 Spring Festival news on New Year's Day

5、 One day tour abroad on New Year's Day

6、 New year's Day holiday (Financial words)

7、 Return on New Year's Eve after leaving home

8、 New year's Day gift to the Marquis

9、 Marriage on New Year's Day (Lu Xun's part 2)

10、 New year's day, 1983

11、 Three more days is new year's day

12、 At the beginning of new year's day, the factory should be built strictly

Answer two

1、 No, no, no

2、 New starting point

3、 Return with full load

4、 Win every day

Five, garden

Six, annual interest rate

7、 First day cover

Eight, the new year

9、 One day

Ten, wax

Eleven, son

Twelve, Jin