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What food do people eat in winter solstice? What are the customs in winter solstice

The annual winter solstice is here again. The winter solstice is one of our ancient 24 solar terms and also the traditional festival of the Chinese nation in winter. What food do people eat in winter solstice? What are the customs of the winter solstice?

Have a good winter solstice, have a good winter

The winter solstice is not fixed every year. Depending on the year, it is usually fixed on December 21 or 22. Because of the uncertainty of its days, it is also known as "Festival". There are also different ways to celebrate the winter solstice every year.

Family reunion.

The winter solstice is a big festival of the Chinese nation in winter. It is the most basic festival custom for a family to get together and have a meal. Family members in a city should get together and often gather at the old man's house to celebrate. Not in a city will also call home greetings.

Eat dumplings.

This is the most common and common custom. It's almost a family tradition to eat dumplings during the winter solstice. In the supermarket a few days before the winter solstice, flour, dumpling powder and other products are also the best sellers.

If there are many people in the family, they will pack more dumplings with several fillings. Children also want to eat dumplings with candy or other interesting fillings.

Sacrificial activities.

Some old people will go to their hometown on the day of the winter solstice to go to the grave. Those who are not convenient to go back to their hometown will also be at home. They will make a small offering table and put some dumplings, wine, fruit, etc. on it to pay homage to the old people.

Drink mutton soup.

It is said that it came from fan Kuai, the general of the Han Dynasty. In winter, eating more mutton is beneficial to the exuberance of internal fire, cold resistance and effectiveness, which is the first choice of winter diet. In some places of Shandong Province, it is a local custom to drink mutton soup at the winter solstice.

Tangyuan, mashed potatoes & hellip; & hellip;

The south is not as cold as the north. Winter solstice will also eat some local characteristics of food to meet the arrival of winter solstice. For example, glutinous rice balls, mashed potatoes, fermented meatballs, etc.

Supplement with food.

From the winter solstice, the cold winter really began. We should start to pay attention to the diet, especially for some women with cold body. In addition to wearing warm clothes, we should also pay attention to the diet, eat more food rich in protein, carbohydrate and fat, improve their energy to resist the wind and cold, and have a happy winter.