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The latest development of the Xujing incident of the 13th party in Guangzhou

The latest development of the incident of Xu Jing, the boss of the 13th party. At present, the police have refuted the rumors, but it seems that the netizens do not buy the account, calling for the first time to tell the truth. Guangzhou Police clarified that "the victim was beaten and thrown downstairs" was untrue information. What was the matter?

According to Yuexiu Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou on December 16, after a man Huang Mou (20 years old) fell from the 9th floor of the North block of Datong square on Yide Road, the police attached great importance to it. The relevant departments of the municipal and district public security organs quickly set up special teams to carry out the investigation.

Two days ago, a 20-year-old man in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou was beaten by his boss, Xu Mou, and died when he fell down from a building, which caused heated discussion among the public and netizens.

For the query that the 'dead were beaten and thrown downstairs' previously spread on many self media platforms, now after investigation by the local police, it is publicly stated that this is the untrue information released by Lin, a colleague of the dead, in his circle of friends. Lin has admitted the mistake and clarified it in the circle of friends.

The police sent a document to clarify the facts

The video of 'Huang Mou, the deceased, was beaten up by a female boss' was identified by his father as not involving Huang Mou, his son.

However, the police have detained six suspects, including Xu Mou, who said they would fully carry out the investigation of the incident, and thanked all sectors of society and netizens for their concern and support for the work of the police. The results will also be released to the public as soon as possible.

Photos taken by the people at the scene

After this incident, the police can quickly intervene and find out part of the truth of the incident in just two days, which makes people have to admire the police's vigorous style of handling cases, and believe that the incident that has attracted many people's attention can be dealt with fairly.

Previously, the reason why Lin, a colleague of Huang, published the false information that "the deceased was beaten and thrown downstairs" in the circle of friends was probably because of the sudden incident and the grief of Huang's fall, so it was sent to the circle of friends without verification.

It's definitely wrong to release false information. Lin admitted that he was wrong. Since his starting point is not malicious, he can also get the understanding of the police and the public.

In addition, the police solemnly stated that this was a pure rumor, and that the police would investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor maker according to law.

At present, six suspects including Xu (female, 32 years old) have been detained by the police according to law.

The case is still under investigation.

The police thanked all sectors of the society and netizens for their concern and support for the work of the police. The police are making full efforts to carry out the investigation work, and the results will be released to the public as soon as possible.