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How to raise Chlorophytum in winter? In this way, the Chlorophytum grows wildly, and its leaves are

The leaves of Chlorophytum are slender and soft, with milk white in the green color, which is very elegant and beautiful. In addition, Chlorophytum is very easy to feed. Many families always choose it when they do interior decoration. When winter comes, the weather gets cold. I will teach you a way to make your Chlorophytum grow and sprout, and the leaves are green and wide!

Soil: the soil for cultivating Chlorophytum is required to be loose and permeable, so that the water can be well prevented from ponding and rotten roots, and the river sand + rotten leaf soil + garden soil can be mixed in proportion of 1:1:1. Or mix peat and perlite in proportion of 1:1. Add proper amount of mature organic fertilizer to the soil.

Watering: during the growth period of Chlorophytum, the basin soil can be kept moist, and the root system can absorb sufficient water to support the growth demand. Watering shall follow the principle of "no drying, no watering, no watering", and watering shall be conducted after the basin soil becomes dry and white. When the temperature is below 5 ℃ in winter, water less or stop watering. In the dry season, spray water to keep the air humidity and avoid the condition of dry tip of leaves.

Light: in spring and autumn, the normal light should be placed in the bright scattered light, avoiding the strong light. In the summer, you need to sun it in the morning and evening. In the daytime, you need to cover 50-70% of the sunshine. It can make the Chlorophytum grow luxuriantly and the leaves are green and wide. Lack of light can cause leaves to turn yellow or even wilt.

Fertilization: let Chlorophytum grow vigorously. In the afternoon or at night, after applying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, you can spray diluted potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the leaves, and apply potassium phosphate twice a month, so that the leaves are wide and fat, and small Chlorophytum can be quickly divided. Fertilization can be carried out in combination with watering, once every two weeks, put 4-5 compound fertilizers in the water, promote growth and root system health, and let Chlorophytum sprout.

Temperature: only when the temperature is above 5 ℃ in winter can we survive. The temperature shall be moved into the room in time at 8 ℃, and the balcony shall be placed under 5 ℃ in the daytime to receive light and absorb heat, and a plastic bag shall be set for heat preservation and moisture preservation at night.