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Alipay wind control system industry leader, the current loss rate is only 10 million points five

Alipay's core wind control technology, BESA, was established in Hangzhou. Alipay announced that its core wind control technology will be opened to business eco partners. Through the security service product RiskGo, it integrates the 5 core security capabilities of Alipay: identity verification, marketing safety assurance, transaction security protection, system security and content security, and is now open to alliance partners.

Contraband, false transaction, marketing cheating, data risk, black production attack & hellip; & hellip; these are several obstacles that almost every Internet company will encounter when it carries out business.

Zhao Wenbiao, general manager of the risk management and decision center of ants gold clothing, said that the safety of the Internet world has never been achieved by an enterprise. In order to reduce the risk of the whole Internet Ecosystem, Alipay has developed a safety service product RiskGo, which integrates the 5 major security capabilities of Alipay core: identity verification, marketing safety assurance, transaction security protection, and system safety. And content security, which is now open to alliance partners.

For example, in July last year, a commercial bank with mobile payment business was attacked by a black and gray industry. The fraud Gang pretended to be a merchant to cheat and kept switching merchant accounts, which greatly affected the business. After access to riskgo in August, the overall risk dropped by 90%, and the business began to rise rapidly. At present, riskgo has provided comprehensive risk prevention and control services for more than 1000 merchants.

This is not the first time Alipay has opened its security capability. In 2015, through the Internet Financial identity authentication Alliance (IFAA), Alipay opened its biometric solution to mobile phone manufacturers and the related intelligent terminal equipment identity authentication industry chain, enabling more users to enjoy the safety and convenience of biometrics.

At the 2018 ATEC conference, the ant risk brain 2 released by Alipay has also been opened to many regulatory authorities.

The establishment of the business ecosystem safety alliance means that Alipay has further opened up its core security capability to all partners in the business ecosystem.

"A world without Thieves" was launched at the beginning of its establishment, and the user protection of the "you dare pay, I dare to pay", and through the continuous upgrading of technology, the industry of wind control system is the leading industry. At present, the loss rate is only five of ten million, Alipay said. With the help of the alliance, Alipay hopes to work together with partners to realize joint prevention and control of risks and joint research and development of security technology, so as to provide better protection for more users.