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How to clean wool carpet at home? How to clean wool carpet

Wool carpet is different from other carpets, very soft and comfortable, but also very easy to dirty, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. How to clean the wool carpet? In fact, I can clean the wool carpet at home.

How to clean wool carpet

Step 1: vacuuming

The first step is to fully vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, especially the solid garbage and objects on the ground need to be cleaned first.

Step 2: local processing

Use special cleaner to treat oil, fruit and coffee stains on carpet separately.

Step three: dilute carpet Foam Cleanser

Inject the detergent into the foaming tank for dilution.

Step 4: hand brush treatment

Handle carpet edges, corners and where the machine pushes with a hand brush.

Step 5: dry bubble and brush

Use a single plate sweeper equipped with a bubbler and carpet brush to dry the carpet. Wait for the cleaner to work on the carpet for a while, and then brush again.

Step 6: combing

It is very important for the appearance of carpet to comb or rake up the lint of carpet, especially for the cotton carpet with long fiber, and it can accelerate the drying of carpet.

Step 7: suction

After the carpet wool is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dry bubble crystals.

Cleaning precautions of wool carpet

1. The washing temperature is not more than 40 ℃, gently knead and wash, never vigorously scrub.

3. Use squeeze washing, squeeze to remove water, spread flat and dry in the shade, do not expose to the sun.

3. Do not use chlorine containing bleaching solution, but oxygen containing color bleaching.

How to choose wool carpet

1. Blanket surface shall be flat and dense, with clear lines and no color difference; both blanket surface and blanket back shall be free of wear. If the thickness is irregular, the density is inconsistent, the needle is lost and the bottom is exposed, and there are many defects, it is inferior.

2. Touch it with your hand. The thickness should be enough and even. Press it gently with your hand. When you release your hand, the blanket surface will immediately return to its original shape without "down hair".

3. After laying the floor, the pattern is symmetrical, the cutting is even, and there is a three-dimensional feeling. If the colors are different, monotony is inferior. Check whether the hemp back is firm and sparse, and whether the rubber back is tough and crack free. If the bottom base is broken, the glue is cracked. It's a poor wool carpet.