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What brand of TV is suitable for 2018? Top 10 TV brands in 2018

Many people are still confused about choosing TV. Which brand is better? What brand of TV is suitable to buy in 2018, facing a variety of TV brands now? Top 10 TV brands in 2018.

what is the best brand of TV in 2018?

First, to pursue the advanced technology of TV sets and the excellent effect of TV sets, it is suggested that you choose Japanese or Dutch TV sets, because these enterprises are very mature in technology and have their own unique patent technology, which is totally impossible for domestic brands to compete. You should pay attention to this.

Second, there is a big gap in the price of TV sets. In fact, it's just like you choose mobile phones. If the price you choose needs to be more affordable, it's recommended to choose second-line brand TV sets instead of first-line brand TV sets. In this way, the price will be much cheaper and there won't be a big gap in use.

Third, if you need to buy a more favorable TV set due to your low income, it is recommended to choose a domestic brand, because the price of domestic TV sets is generally more favorable. Of course, you should not choose Haier or Hisense. Their advertising expenses are all in the price range!

Fourth, if we prefer to watch high-definition movies, then the brand you want to choose is very important. In fact, many people don't know that the best brand of TV HD technology is Sony and sharp, which is easy to see when compared. You may as well compare yourself, of course, at home.

Fifthly, now many people like watching 3D blockbusters. In this way, the brand TVs above can't meet your needs. We should choose LG and Skyworth, because these two brands of TVs have special technical patents and have good results for 3D blockbusters.

Sixth, I am a person who likes to play games. What I particularly like now is to play games on the TV at home. I think the screen is big enough and it's fun to play. If you are the same as me, I suggest you choose Panasonic TV or Changhong TV.

Seventh, when we talk about so many TV brands, we must ask if there are any more comprehensive TV sets. I need to tell you that [no], because the products of various manufacturers are limited by technology, and no one can fully meet any requirements, which we must pay attention to.

Eighth, generally speaking, Haier, Sony and Hisense are all the best choices to buy TV sets. Because these enterprises have been making TV sets for many years, and their technology is relatively mature, Skyworth and TCL are also very wrong. Therefore, these brands are enough to choose TV sets!