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What are the ways of winning Alipay's bonus? Alipay promotes its purpose.

Recently, Alipay launched the 1 billion 500 million flower red envelopes. Some people can get a lot of sweeps, some people can only get a few cents. Nevertheless, everyone is still very happy. The first thing to do is to sweep a red envelope every day. What is the routine of Alipay's bonus? What is the way to pay for it awfully? Why do I have to pay a lot of money to promote it?

First of all, we need to know that the activities launched by Alipay are actually spending money on activities, increasing user stickiness and expanding the scale of users. This is the market way for all Internet products to do. Alipay scatters hundreds of millions of money to earn money reward activities, which is a triple win for users, businesses and Alipay platforms. The user voluntarily changed the pattern to send Alipay to receive the red envelope activity, the friend is basking in this day, and how much money he has made, so that this wave of market activities is undoubtedly successful. The key is to let users form the habit of paying for flowers and attract a large number of new users. In fact, users can get part of the benefits for daily use. Why not earn a reward. For example, every time you shop, as long as a red envelope QR code is pasted next to the receipt code, he tells you that you can save money by scanning it, then do you want to scan it? If you have time, you can't be bothered, most people do. Where has the money gone? On the one hand, you have reduced the money you spent and gained benefits. But on the other hand, the merchants can also receive the money of the red packet, so the merchants have no loss. These are platform subsidies, so do you say that businesses are willing to do it? Of course, they are.

Secondly, if we insist on saying that there are defects, it can only be the evil of the people. For example, the picture of Alipay's two dimensional code collection is printed on the share code of the shared bicycle, or printed on some shared electric vehicle post to cheat some users' money. There are no traps at all, because this is just a marketing tool for Alipay to attract people who haven't played Alipay. Its main practice is to convey "Alipay can save money!" through the two-dimensional code below the line, so that consumers can use Alipay software frequently. While Alipay can train users' habits, it can also expand Alipay's share in the third party payment field. Why not? But from the user's point of view, this activity can still be done. Although it is ultimately beneficial to them, it also allows users to feel cheap and eat kickbacks.