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What do you mean by sand sculpture in Internet? What is the stem of a sand sculpture

recently, we will see the word "sand sculpture" in many places. Do you know what it means? What's the stem of sand sculpture? It's a curse of Internet language, so we should be careful when using it.

Sand sculpture is a swearing word, but it may not be easy to be considered as swearing. The popularity of network terms has given many words new definitions, good ones and bad ones. For new and new people who accept new culture, their network vocabulary has exceeded the explanation in Xinhua dictionary.

The Pinyin of sandiao is Shadiao. Behind the Pinyin of Shadiao, there are many words, such as: silly loser, kill, silly... And so on. Now we advocate civilized language on the Internet. Some words that are not elegant may make you feel very vulgar. For example, it's not good to call someone stupid, but it's OK to use the word "sand sculpture" instead of it. The meaning of expression is the same, but it's more civilized. It's a bit like calling people not too dirty.

So swearing at sand sculptures means swearing at people and being stupid... Of course, besides swearing at people, you can also laugh at yourself. For example, Du Chun laughs at himself as a sand sculpture... Of course, words like this are only limited to the Internet. Once they are said in reality, the taste will change, because other people may really hear them as "stupid", and then fight with you

Why are Internet terms popular

1、 Easy to understand, catchy. I don't need to spend a lot of time describing what I'm going to say. Besides, if everyone is in a hurry, a few words can be expressed clearly, more quickly and more economically. For example, to express the meaning of "fierce", it's OK to say "666". It's easy to do without typing.

2、 Trend, network language exposure in the young generation is very high, friends do not drag a few words, all feel that they are behind the times. Usually he talked with my nephew, and he gave me two words from time to time. What was' Pipi shrimp ', we walked' 'tie the heart, old iron!' and his old fellow looked at him with a look on his face. My heart is full of horses.

3、 Personality, I am me, different fireworks. This is the most obvious feature of contemporary people.

4、 Break through taboos and make fun. You can make fun of life and release the pressure. Although life is hard, I still have the spirit of entertainment.

In the face of the popularity of network language, it's OK to use it moderately. Occasionally, friends can make fun of it, but don't rely too much on it. Watch the occasion and don't let it become our main way of communication.