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How is "pig strong"? Specially assigned person to take care of it, with a weight of 400kg

more than ten years ago, because of the great disaster in Wenchuan earthquake, "pig strong" became a net red, which attracted great attention. With the approaching of the lunar year of the pig, the cute little pig is very popular. The "pig strong" who lives in Chengdu Dayi Jianchuan museum is no exception. At present, there are more tourists than usual.

Moreover, the heat has not decreased for 10 years. Later, Zhu Jianqiang lived in one room and one hall, which was managed and protected by a specially assigned person. This year, the museum also built a windproof warm shed for Zhu Jianqiang early. Every day, 'pig is strong' except for eating and sleeping, it's just 'come out and take two steps'. Every time 'pig strong' comes out for a walk, it will cause people to watch and take photos.

In addition, every day, there is a special trip from the field to visit the little sister 'pig strong'. It's also a photo taking and a group photo, praying for the year of 2019. Nowadays, no matter where "pig strong" goes, it will cause people to stop and watch. 'pig strong' deeply realizes that it is not easy to be a 'famous pig'. The leg injury of "pig adamancy" has been completely recovered. We insist on walking twice a day and eating twice a day, and our weight is controlled at about 400 Jin.

Due to the large number of tourists who visit "pig adamant" every day, pig adamant gradually learns to sell cute and pose in front of these tourists without fear of strangers.