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What can I give you on Christmas Eve besides apples? These gifts are more innovative

What can I give you on Christmas Eve besides apples? The annual Christmas is coming. Apples are a must for Christmas. But if you send apples every year, isn't it too new? What else can you give except apples?

What can I give you besides apples on Christmas Eve


Key words: sweet honey

Christmas is an important festival in western countries. It's like New Year's day from Christmas Eve. It's a day to give candy to relatives and friends, which means a happy new year. If you are going to send the children, you may consider sending Christmas soft candy, which is a kind of soft and elastic candy with a variety of fruit flavor, transparent and translucent.

Send flowers

Key words: confession

On Christmas Eve, you can send flowers. If you want to express your love, you may consider sending a bunch of lilies that represent purity, chastity and innocence. If you are going to give a gift to your girlfriend, consider sending a bunch of roses to represent love. If you want to give it to your elder friends, consider sending a bunch of carnations that represent respect and gratitude.

Key words for chocolate: Romance

Chocolate is a synonym for romance. It's a favorite gift for people in festive festivals and romantic days. On Christmas Eve, in addition to apples, you might as well consider sending chocolates to your beloved one. On this romantic Christmas Eve, use chocolate to convey sweet feelings and good wishes for family, friendship and love.

Key words: warm

With the arrival of Christmas, everyone began to prepare gifts. In this cold winter, a warm scarf is undoubtedly the best choice. The implication of scarf is that I love you and can express the deep love between men and women. But girls can't give ordinary boys scarves, or there will be unnecessary misunderstanding.

Key words for toys: cute

If it's a gift for a little girl on Christmas Eve, there must be lovely dolls. It's better to be the kind of dolls that can send out crystal clear color light at night. If the other side is a handsome and lovely boy, might as well consider sending a set of building block toys as a Christmas gift. Building blocks are not only one of children's favorite toys, but also a special exercise of children's hand and foot coordination ability.