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What's a good gift for your girlfriend at Christmas 2018? Gift list for straight men

Every Christmas, for many straight men, is the most difficult thing to choose a gift for their girlfriend? If the gift you choose doesn't agree with each other, is it another tantrum? So it's very important to give a gift, so what's the best gift for your girlfriend at Christmas?

Recommended Christmas gifts for girls in 2018

1. Fat pet warm hand treasure

Isn't there a popular line on the Internet? When winter comes, please don't 'freeze your hands and feet' to my favorite people. Compared with other bags and the like, you can live a real life only by keeping warm in winter. This hand warming treasure can not only warm your hands, but also be a rechargeable treasure.

2. Hat, scarf, gloves

Warm three piece set, very practical, very thoughtful gift, cashmere warm may be better, and if the scarf is long enough, two people can surround together, and then walk slowly. Girls need to keep warm in winter.

3, lipstick

There's no need to say more about the attraction of lipstick to girls. When you don't know which brand of lipstick to choose, go to the big brand. When you don't know which color number to choose, go to the hot selling color number. Generally, you won't make mistakes.

4, bag

Like lipstick, bags can have an incredible magic power for girls. Winter is more suitable for shoulder bags, and handbags. Refer to lipstick for selection. In the end, all the girlfriends' bags will be carried by their boyfriends. When choosing, they will have points in their hearts & hellip; & hellip;

5, perfume

Perfume is not a necessity, but for many girls, a bottle of good perfume will make people feel very attractive. There are many prices. You can always choose one that suits the price. Chanel, CK, Dior are all OK, almost the price of a lipstick.

6. Face steamer

In winter, the air in the South and north is dry, so it's urgent to keep skin moisture. Boys can send small portable face steamer, which is needed by girls, so it won't be embarrassing to send out gifts.

7, Nail Polish

Dior limited edition nail polish, nail polish for the love of beautiful girls, is essential, and this set of nail polish has five colors to choose from. Every day it takes almost a week to replace it.

8. Make up suit

Lancome's make-up set can be said to be a must for girls when they go out. A box contains most of the make-up content, with 12 sets of products. When you don't know what make-up to send, it's very good, and the outer package has a high value.

9. Snack pack

The snack pack has irresistible charm for the girl who eats goods. Many snack shops will launch Christmas snack pack at Christmas, which is rich in content. Unless it is delicious, boys are recommended to choose their own snack pack.

10. Large plush toys

Girls have no resistance to a lot of plush toys. When choosing the plush toys with delicate hair, girls will feel more valuable. There is no limit to the style. Girls can generally accept it.