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Is expensive bird's nest and glue really a tonic? That's the truth

Now that people know how to live a healthy and reasonable life, some businessmen have grasped people's psychology of paying attention to maintenance and launched a number of health care products and maintenance products to vigorously promote. The first famous of these maintenance products should be bird's nest and glue, which are women's favorite. But Xiaobian told the beauty loving girls today that the efficacy of these maintenance products is blown out. Why, take a look at the following.

First, bird's nest

Bird's nest, as the name implies, is a bird's nest, but it is not the kind of bird's nest made of soil and branches that we see everyday. Bird's nest refers to a special kind of bird's nest made of Golden Swallow. Golden swallows are not built with mud and branches, but with saliva and feathers. To be clear, the bird's nest is the saliva of this kind of swallow.

There is a component in bird's nest, sialic acid, which can bring many benefits to the body, such as promoting the development of nervous system, enhancing immunity and anti-aging. However, it should be noted that the content of sialic acid in bird's nest is very low, even not as high as the content of beef and eggs we eat everyday.

In addition, bird's nest also contains about 50% protein, 30% carbohydrate, 10% water and some other minerals, which are the main components of bird's nest. These substances can be completely replenished in our daily diet, and the amount of replenishment is no less than that of bird's nest.

2、 Let's talk about glue.

The businessmen selling the flower glue have blown the effect of the flower glue into the sky. The flower glue can beautify, beautify and replenish blood. Is it true that there are rich glycine, glutamate, alanine and other substances in the pectin. These substances can improve the nerves and intestines after entering our body, but they are also high in other foods.

Although it is a food with high protein and low fat content, its protein is not high-quality protein. The structure of amino acids is unbalanced with that in our body. The amino acids that our body can absorb must be similar in structure. The amount of amino acids that have different structure can be absorbed by the body is particularly small.

There is also a saying that the collagen contained in the pectin is very rich, which can effectively supplement the collagen lost by the skin. But we need to remind you that collagen can be replenished by eating collagen. After eating pectin, it will be broken down into peptides and amino acids by gastrointestinal fluid. After absorption, it will exist in the amino acid pool, and then be absorbed by the human body. Then according to where the body needs these substances, it will be synthesized into protein. So although we eat collagen, but the synthesis is not necessarily collagen, let alone to add to the face.

From the above, we can know that these expensive foods are not as amazing as the businessmen boast. According to the point of view of nutrition, many of our daily food can be completely replaced. According to Xiaobian, if you want to have a beauty look, you can keep a good routine and a balanced diet in your life. There is no need to buy expensive health products to have a beauty look.