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How long does down jacket wash in winter? Proper cleaning method of down jacket

How often is it better to wash down jacket? Once people arrive in winter, they consciously put on thick clothes and down jacket, so how to wash down jacket in winter? How often is it better to wash down jacket? The right way to clean down jacket.

How often do you wash down jacket is better:

It is recommended to wash once a month. Regular washing will affect the original warmth retention effect of down jacket.

Regular washing will make the down in the clothes stick together, and the detergent will make the down lose elasticity and fluffy, which will certainly affect the warmth retention effect.

And sometimes it may also be due to the airless, resulting in down mildew, resulting in more bacteria.

The premise of washing once a month is that the whole down jacket is not very dirty. If the down jacket is stained with oil, juice or other stains, it is recommended to wash it immediately.

Is the down jacket dry cleaned or water washed

Look at the tag on the down jacket.

Generally, the outer fabric of down jacket is chemical fiber. If the inside of the jacket is filled with duck down or space cotton, it is better to wash it with water.

Because there will be a lot of dry cleaning solvent left on the down, which is harmful to the body,

Moreover, from the perspective of warmth preservation, dry cleaning will remove the natural oil from the down surface. Without this layer of protection, the down will become fragile or even lose the feeling of fluffy, so most of the down are suitable for washing.

The right way to clean down jacket:

In theory, down jacket can be washed or not, because whether it is dry cleaning or water washing, it is easy to cause damage to down jacket. But if the down jacket is really dirty, it is recommended to wash it by hand.

1. Soak the down jacket in moderate warm water for not less than 10 minutes, so that the down jacket can fully absorb water.

2. It is better to use special down detergent. Pour proper amount of detergent into 30 ℃ water and soak it in down jacket for 15 minutes.

3. It's better to lay down the down jacket when washing it formally, and then use the bath ball or a small soft brush to dip in the detergent to gently brush and wash the down jacket, and then knead each part by hand to clean it.

4. Wash down jacket with clear water and clean it several times, then you can get out the detergent.

5. After washing, it is not allowed to wring out the water. It can only be squeezed out in a gentle way. Wrap the down jacket with a dry towel and suck out the water gently.

6. In the end, it can only be gently laid to dry, not exposed to the sun, not ironed.

Mistakes in down jacket cleaning:

1. Don't wash it too frequently, it will damage and age down inside the down jacket, which is not conducive to keeping warm.

2. It is forbidden to use water with too high temperature to wash down clothes. If the water temperature is too high, it will damage the fabric of clothes and make them wrinkled. Do not exceed 35 degrees.

3. Special detergent must be used. Ordinary washing powder is alkaline, while down is protein fiber. Alkali will destroy protein.

4. Do not press down jacket with heavy objects, it is better to hang it. Because, have heavy weight to squeeze can make down lose softness.