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What are the advantages and disadvantages of lightwave furnace? What's the harm of light wave furnac

Light wave oven is a new cooking tool, it will be a new generation of kitchen utensils instead of microwave oven. Because it has both light wave and microwave functions, it is called the upgraded version of microwave oven. The light wave furnace has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's get to know.

Principle of light wave furnace

The light wave furnace can understand the principle of the light wave furnace first, so as to fundamentally understand the light wave furnace. According to different principles, the light wave furnace can be divided into three types:

The first one is the "light wave microwave oven" which can heat food together by adding light wave as the heating source under the heating principle of ordinary microwave oven. From the appearance, the light wave oven and microwave oven are not very different. Principle of light wave microwave oven: the light source, light wave reflector, light wave control sensor and overtemperature protection device are added in this kind of light wave oven. Through the light wave tube composed of quartz tube or copper tube, the high temperature and high heat can be produced rapidly, and the heating effect can be realized quickly.

The second is called "infrared light wave furnace", which is very similar to the electromagnetic furnace in appearance. Principle of infrared light wave furnace: after the power supply is connected, the far-infrared heating principle is adopted. The heating components in the furnace can generate high temperature of up to 500 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ in a few seconds. Then, all the heat energy can be gathered together through reflective heating materials and reflected on the microcrystalline glass panel on the furnace surface, and the heat conduction energy can be transmitted from the microcrystalline glass panel to the cooking utensil so as to cook food quickly Purpose.

The third is called the glass light wave oven, also known as the light wave baking pot, which belongs to the upgraded version of the electric oven. Its principle: through the combination of thermal cyclone and circular light wave, combined with the far-infrared light wave penetrating force of the light wave tube, the food is stereoscopically heated through heat conduction, heat diversion and heat penetration.


After a period of time, the food in the light wave oven is easy to absorb moisture and become greasy and astringent, and contains high fat. Heating with light wave / heat wave furnace can not only restore the oil bar and oil cake to the original state, remove the greasy, but also greatly reduce the fat content.

2. Reheat the nut food. Backtide is a problem that easily occurs after peanut, melon seeds and other nut foods are placed for a period of time, and it has astringent taste, which affects appetite. If the light wave furnace is used for heating, it can not only remove the astringency, but also restore the crispy and delicious original quality.

3. Reheat the snacks. In supermarkets or roadside stalls, the high points and biscuits bought back are easy to get moldy after a long time. After they are kept for some time, they can be reheated to avoid getting moldy.

4. Reheat meat. A lot of meat products have a fat content of 37% and cholesterol of 0.08%. If the meat products are reheated in a light wave / heat wave furnace, not only the original taste can be restored, but also the fat and cholesterol content can be greatly reduced, which is helpful for the consumption of middle brain people.

The harm of light wave furnace

Many electric appliances of the light wave furnace will have some effects on human body in use. The light wave furnace is no exception. However, compared with other electric appliances, the light wave furnace is more 'safe'. Here are ten aspects to explain, hoping that users will pay attention.

1. If you eat light wave food, it will lead to an increase in the incidence of stomach and colorectal cancer, and even reduce the tissue function of all parts of the body and the function of the digestive and excretory system.

2. The food cooked in the light wave oven will produce toxic and carcinogenic compounds, and produce unknown by-products that are not absorbed by the body. If eaten, they will stay in the body for a long time and permanently, causing great damage.

3. The minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the food cooked in the light wave oven are greatly reduced, which may change into carcinogens and destroy free radicals of human body, as well as many compounds that cannot be decomposed by the body.

4. Light wave oven damages brain tissue. Brain is transmitted by magnetic wave. Food processed by light wave oven, if eaten for a long time, will neutralize brain magnetic wave, cause brain degeneration and short circuit of magnetic wave, which is a long-term side effect.

5. For young men and women, if they eat light wave food for a long time, it will have a great impact on their hormone secretion, and the serious ones will cause their physical and mental upset, mental malaise, etc.

6. For long-term intake of light wave food, due to the destruction of nutrition, changes in the chemical substances of food ingredients, lymphoid system will have problems, the immune system will subsequently function, and thus the resistance will decline.

7. For the middle-aged and old people, if they eat light wave food, it will cause the instability of metabolic function, digestive system disorders and other symptoms, which is a serious problem for the later period.

8. Using light wave to heat meat will reduce the stability of effective protein molecular compounds, with side effects resulting in radiation pollution in the air nearby and carcinogenic factors in milk and cereal.

9. Eating light wave food for a long time will lead to memory degradation, mental decentralization, emotional instability and reduced understanding. Light wave oven will directly lead to the formation of food molecules into a new life form called radiolysis components, which are not found in natural food.

10. According to medical experts, some consumers have a significant increase in white blood cells after eating light wave food, which indicates that some substances harmful to the body have been produced in the body, because people will have such consequences if poisoned. Also, after eating light wave food, the concentration of cholesterol in the body will rise.

In the above adverse reactions of using light wave furnace, there is a great relationship with the body's own constitution, so it can't be generalized. It can only be a wake-up call to the user, try to reduce the dependence on fast heat processing tools, use iron pot more, eat fresh vegetables more, so as to ensure health!