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What key words do we have in the four 10 years since the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up?

Forty years of great changes have brought great changes to our lives. What we are experiencing and what happened are all fragments of the memory of this country. Looking back at the memories of 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008 and 2018, we can understand the living conditions and social environment of people in that era. People in every era have memories of the era they lived in. Recording these lives, the key words in memory, has become the golden age of development and change.

In 1978, key words: resume college entrance examination, reform and opening up, disco, bell bottomed pants, shawl hair

The year before the reform and opening up, the college entrance examination was officially resumed, and entering the University became a major event that many people changed their fate and influenced their lives. After 1977's "thousands of troops are crowding the single wooden bridge", people in 1978 are more eager to change their fate through the college entrance examination. At this time, there are many interesting examinees, including husband and wife, friends and generations of family. College entrance examination becomes the most important task in society and family.

Reform and opening up not only solve the problem of material shortage, but also promote people's ideological liberation. Disco was introduced into China, and young people could be seen dancing in the streets. It's hard to imagine that the square at that time was not occupied by the square dancing aunt. I look through the photos of my father when he was young. Bellbottoms are the most common clothes. Bell bottomed trousers seem to be the characteristics of that era. Young men and women in bell bottomed trousers shuttle through the streets and squares. After ten years of ideological imprisonment, women put down their long hair and let the times remember what women really look like. For the young people now, that era is too far away, and my impression is just a patchwork of the old generation. But in that age of extreme material and spiritual scarcity and full of hope, the emergence of all things is a better change.

In 1988, key words: refrigerator, color TV, washing machine, poem, masterpiece, jeans

With the deepening of reform and opening up, people's material life is more and more rich. The "three big pieces" of marriage were upgraded from watches, sewing machines and bicycles in the 1970s to refrigerators, color TVs and washing machines. The changes in daily life reflect the achievements of social development. Although not many families have this configuration, the results of reform and opening up are obvious to all. The increasingly rich life makes people's spirit healthier. Positive.

By the 1980s, a large number of foreign works had been translated. The college students are more pure than those who just recovered from college entrance examination. They come from all walks of life. Their thinking about the world is more independent and has more social value. Poetry is an important literary form for Chinese college students to express their emotions in the 1980s. It was a time of great changes, and everyone had a huge emotional need to express. Hazy poetry gives people greater choice and means to express personal feelings.

At the end of the 1980s, jeans became popular. Jeans represent the influence of foreign things on China, which is just a representative item. Jeans are strong and durable, simple and simple, becoming the daily clothes of young men and women. We are being influenced by the world.

In 1998, key words: Xiangyue 98, cell phone, super flood, Huanzhugege

In the Spring Festival Gala of 1998, Naying and Faye Wong sang "meet 1998". Two queen singers from mainland and Taiwan sang together, 'come on, come on, meet 98. '

In the 1990s, mobile phones, known as "cell phones", were popular all over the country, although they were not popular items. But having a "big brother" became an absolute symbol of identity in that era. At that time, I vaguely remember that a person in our village who was an official outside had a "big brother" the size of a small brick.

The most profound national memory of 1998 is the national memory -- the great flood. The Yangtze River, Nenjiang River and Songhua River have been affected by floods in 29 provinces across the country. The whole country is united, especially the PLA soldiers fighting in the front line of flood fighting. Later, when I became a soldier, I heard that the old squad leader who had participated in the fight against the flood said that when I went to the front line, I had already written a farewell letter. They went up with the determination that "people were on the bank, people died when the bank broke". Later, there was Zuhai's "for whom".

In October 1998, "Huanzhugege" was released in the mainland, which created a record of watching Chinese TV series after statistics. It's not that the TV series is well made, but the audience who is used to watching the serious and tense mainland drama series appreciate the works directed by Taiwan for the first time. The original drama of historical figures can also be such a serious nonsense.

In 2008, key words: Wenchuan earthquake, Olympic Games

The 512 Wenchuan earthquake is one of the most important events that I have experienced personally. It may be hard to have such an unforgettable experience in a short life. It has become the most intuitive feeling for us to overcome the difficulties together. In a bad earthquake area, one's strength is small. In the wrath of nature, man is small. We still remember Premier Wen Jiabao's "how difficult it is to prosper the country", but even if this kind of disaster has reached the effect of bringing people together and prospering the country, we don't want it to happen. This is the pain of Sichuan people and the scar of Chinese people. I think that to this day, people's compassion is that their lives are ruined. No one will think how difficult it is to prosper the country. The earthquake has created countless heroes, but also a lot of "Fan Paopao" stream. People began to discuss or doubt whether the traditional ideas of collective interests and personal interests are reasonable.

The shadow of Wenchuan earthquake gradually faded, and China's dream of 100 year Olympic Games finally came true. China, which has experienced a great disaster, welcomes the opening of the twenty-ninth Summer Olympic Games with a new look. The Chinese delegation won the first gold medal in this Olympic Games and won the respect of the world as the host. Under the slogan of "one world, one dream", we enter the global village. The rapid development of the Internet has narrowed the distance between the villagers of the global village.

In 2018, key words: online red, Buddhism, online live

The decade from 2008 to 2018 is the biggest one since the reform and opening up. Internet not only changes people's life and work style, but also creates new life and work style. Unprecedented opportunities have sprouted in this decade. With the popularization and innovation of the Internet, sharing has become a social theme. Under the Internet, people use various platforms to show their personality. It's hard to say whether this kind of social environment is good or bad. In this complex society, young Buddhists came into being. They read their own sutras and live a life without taking responsibility for anyone and anything. What has the Internet changed us? It has made China's richest people on the Forbes list, made a radical counter attack, made the Internet addicted teenagers, made the upstream people who rely on the Internet to grab wealth, and made the downstream people who want to rely on the Internet to make money.

40 years of reform and opening up, we are just beginning to journey. In the past 40 years, there has been confusion and hope. 40 years is too short to change a country completely, but it is enough to affect a person's life. In more ten, twenty, forty years, will our memories be so far away?