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Why do most people like to sing in the bath, even better than before?

I don't know if you have this experience. Every time you take a bath in the bathroom, you can't stop trying to sing in the hot water as soon as you bloom and sprinkle it. What's more, you can't find that singing becomes very pleasant when you take a bath. You can't play such a good role in KTV. Why is that?

When bathing, the air is full of water vapor. When the oxygen content in the bathroom becomes less, people will gasp for breath. In this way, they can breathe more oxygen than usual, which not only makes the blood circulation faster, but also makes the vocal cord relax. Of course, they are willing to sing two songs.

In addition, the ceramic tile in the bathroom has poor function of absorbing sound. Every time you sing a sound, it vibrates constantly in the room. In this way, the high-frequency sound that is easy to be lost in singing is retained. I think it's very loud when I sing high notes. Even if I can't bring back the tune when I'm singing, it's good and colorful in the bathroom. What's more, the best way to sing in the bathroom is to have its own reverberation. When you sing, the two sentences you hear are less than one sixteenth of a second apart. You can't identify whether you sing or echo.

Well, next time you take a bath, you can also try to shout two voices to see if it's better than usual!