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The latest ranking of mobile phone share in 2018! Domestic Huawei presses apple

with the end of 2018, the global ranking of all walks of life has also been followed by results. Today, Xiaobian brings you the 18 year mobile phone sales ranking. You know that the mobile phone market is highly competitive, compared with the mobile phone brand, performance configuration, sales and other items. The latest ranking of mobile phone share in 2018 is released! Domestic Huawei is pushing Apple hard.

But in the second quarter of 2018, Samsung ranked first in the global smartphone sales, followed by Huawei and apple. Samsung's sales volume is 71.5 million units, which is quite good indeed. Samsung is the representative of stable global performance, and it has always been ranked as the world's sales champion. However, Apple's sales volume is not so optimistic. From the second place in 2017 to the third place, Apple's sales volume has been falling. But last year, Apple's performance is also due to the iPhone 8 and iPhone The mobile phone is fresh, but the share is not high because the two mobile phones are designed to make complaints about eX. Compared with Samsung and Huawei, the ranking of iPhone is a bit awkward.

As a domestic brand, Huawei's shipment volume is 54.2 million units, which has won the second place in the global sales volume, more than 1000 more than Apple's, taking most of Apple's aura. In addition, Huawei does a good job, and the rear three camera model attracts most buyers. In the second quarter, the global sales volume of Samsung won the first place, the second place was Huawei, then Apple, and the fourth place was Xiaomi, our domestic brand. The rapid development momentum of Xiaomi in the past two years is obvious to all. The shipment volume of 31.9 million units this time is 2.5 million more than that of the fifth oppo.

In general, the growth rate and growth rate of Xiaomi mobile phone are the fastest. Compared with apple, the gap is less than 10 million, and apple is about to lose its seat. Maybe one day Xiaomi mobile phone will replace apple to become the third place. What do you think? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.