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Why eat dumplings in winter solstice? The origin of eating dumplings in winter solstice

it's the winter solstice in three or four days. It's the tradition of northerners to eat dumplings in the winter solstice. Does a bowl of hot dumplings taste better? For Chinese people, they like to adjust their diet according to the solar terms. Is it very hot to eat a bowl of hot sedan chair at the winter solstice? Dumplings at the winter solstice originally have this origin. Let's get to know.

What is the origin of the winter solstice?

Winter solstice (English: winter solstice), also known as' Winter Festival 'and' celebrating winter ', is one of the 24 solar terms in China and one of the eight astronomical solar terms, which is opposite to the summer solstice. The winter solstice begins on December 22 of the Gregorian calendar every year when the sun reaches the longitude 270 & deg. It is said that the winter solstice in the history of the Zhou Dynasty is new year's day, which used to be a very busy day.

It is quite common to eat dumplings at the winter solstice in northern China. As the saying goes: 'when the winter solstice comes, eat dumplings. 'in the south, there are also exceptions, such as the winter solstice in Tengzhou and other places in Shandong Province, which is called the number nine. The custom of drinking mutton soup on the day of the number nine is popular, which means to dispel the cold.

Eating dumplings at the winter solstice is actually related to Zhang Zhongjing?

It's said that when Zhang Zhongjing returned home, it was snowy winter. Many of the people displaced by the war in the streets are hungry and clothed. Many people's ears are frozen and rotten. Zhang Zhongjing couldn't bear to see the scene, so he sent people to make dumplings with mutton, chili and other ingredients. Many villagers had their ears frozen after eating, and the custom of eating dumplings on the winter solstice was followed.

Since then, every winter solstice into the ninth, everyone has been competing for dumplings, there is the saying 'winter solstice dumplings do not freeze ears'.