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The latest Forbes 2018 global rich list! Bill Gates, once the richest man on the list

According to the news on March 6, 2018, Forbes released the latest issue of the 2018 global billionaire list, and the latest Forbes 2018 global billionaire list! Bill & middot; gates, once the richest man, lost the list and China's rich list was defeated by the United States. Are you excited? Let's get to know the details.

According to the data of the Forbes Global billionaire list in 2018, there were 2208 people worth more than US $1 billion in 2018, a new record in history. Among them, the total net wealth of the top 20 richest people reached a record high of $1.2 trillion. The total net wealth of the richest people on the list this year is 9.1 trillion US dollars, a large part higher than that of last year's 7.7 trillion US dollars.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon won the latest title of the richest man in the world. This is his first time to become the richest man in the world. He is also the first person in the world with a personal wealth of more than 100 billion dollars. His wealth reached US $112 billion, an increase of US $39.2 billion over 2017, which also made him surpass Bill Gates, the former world's richest regular.

Bill Gates has a fortune of 90 billion dollars, ranking second behind Bezos. However, in the past 24 years, Bill Gates has won the title 18 times, and he is also the richest person in the world on the Forbes list of billionaires.

Warren Buffett, the world's famous investor, ranks third with a fortune of $84 billion, not far behind Bill Gates.

Bernard & middot; Arnault is fourth with $72 billion in wealth. Over the past year, his wealth has increased by $30.5 billion, making him the richest man in Europe.

Facebook's Mark · Zuckerberg is fifth with a fortune of $71 billion. But he is the youngest of the top 20 billionaires in the world.

Zara, the Spanish clothing retailer, ranks sixth with a value of $70 billion. Previously, he was ranked in the top five in the world from 2011 to 2017.

The seventh to tenth billionaires in the world are--

Here is a detailed list of Forbes' top 100 billionaires in 2018--

In terms of China's rich ranking, Ma Huateng surpassed Li Jiacheng, Wang Jianlin, the richest man in the past, and Ma Yun, the biggest competitor, to become the richest man in China and Asia, with a fortune of 45.3 billion US dollars, ranking 17th in the world. However, Ma Huateng, the richest man in Asia, still has a huge gap with Bernard Arnault, the richest man in Europe with a wealth of 72 billion US dollars.

Other well-known figures: Ma Yun is worth 39 billion US dollars, ranking 20 in the world; Li Jiacheng is ranked 23, with a value of 34.9 billion US dollars; Xu Jiayin is ranked 24, with a value of 30.3 billion US dollars; Li Zhaoji is ranked 24, with a value of 30.3 billion US dollars; Wang Jianlin, the former richest man in China, is ranked 26, with a value of 30 billion US dollars.

Among the top 100 richest Chinese in the world are: Wang Wei, the boss of Shunfeng, is worth 18.2 billion US dollars, ranking 63; Ding Lei, the boss of Netease, is worth 17.4 billion US dollars, ranking 69; Zhang Zhidong, 15.6 billion US dollars, ranking 87; Li Shufu, the owner of Geely Automobile, is worth 15.3 billion US dollars, ranking 91.

In addition, Lei Jun's position is 12 billion 500 million dollars, ranking the 118 place; Baidu Robin Li is worth 12 billion dollars, ranking 124; Zhou Hongyi 360 is worth 11 billion 300 million dollars, ranking 135; Jingdong's Liu Qiangdong is 10 billion 800 million dollars, ranking 140; Cai Chongxin, the two figure of the Alibaba, is worth 9 billion 700 million dollars, ranking the second place. Sun Hongbin, who is famous for his talent, is worth $7.3 billion, ranking 211.